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Sony Str Dn1030 Review

Sony is known worldwide, and they’re known for making electronics gadgets that do last a long time. The new Sony str Dn1030 receiver is designed to deliver fantastic sound quality and has a built-in Wi-Fi.

With this best AV receiver, you’re able to organize your music effectively and enhance your home theater digital contents.

It comes with 7.2 channel surround sound, and easy internet connectivity via the reliable Wi-Fi technology.

Sony Str Dn1030 is one of the top rated receivers you can purchase if you value high performance in your sound system.

This musical equipment is designed to emit clean sounds through your speakers, thus giving your home theater setting that cool professional feeling.

The device comes with a signal to noise ratio of 100 dB, which allows it to output excellent sound quality.

This unique ratio technology is what allows the receiver to eliminate all audible noise during video or music playback.

Sony Str Dn1030 Review

The embedded seven plus channel surround sound with additional two subwoofer channels is what helps create that movie theater feeling as you watch your favorite shows or listen to music.

Sony str-in 103 has a built-in frequency response of 10Hz–100kHz, which helps to deliver the highs and lows in your music in a perfect audible way.

The digital to analog converter gives the receiver the needed ability to output your digital music with the smooth sound of analog audio mixed in.

It has a total harmonic distortion of 0.09 percent, thus enabling you to pump up the volume, with no audible acoustic distortion in your music.

This Sony stereo receiver has strong input impedance and input sensitivity, thus giving you the needed amplification to play audio via any 8-ohm speakers.

This Sony digital receiver has a maximum power output of 145 watts, which is incredibly high for a receiver at this price point. The device has a continuous power output at around 100 watts.

This is indeed better, as it gives you more options when it comes time to choose best speakers for your home theater setup.

The Sony str Dn1030 receiver has a good configuration of ports you can use to connect all your digital devices in your home theater.

It comes with five HDMI inputs, which can be used to connect your high-definition devices. With a single HDMI output, you’re able to send signals from your connected devices to your compatible Television set.

The output port can use the return channel to output the audio from compatible TV sets, all without the need for an extra cable.

The STR-Dn1030 comes with built-in Wi-Fi, and you can use the single USB port to access any flash drive or MP3 player. It also has a setup microphone you can use to calibrate your system.

This musical device also has a full compliment of components, optical, composite and coaxial ports. This receiver unit also comes with one headphone jack and the needed connections for FM/AM radio antennas.

The Sony str-Dn1030 receiver is completely compatible with other 3D-enabled devices, and also has 1080p video scaling.

It comes with free Apps for iOS and Android devices, which then allows you to use your tablet or smartphone as the ultimate remote control for your system.

This musical device is also built to support Apple AirPlay, through your wireless network. For those with an iPod, you’re able to connect it directly to the receiver using a USB cable to listen to the music in your iTunes library.

The Sony STR-Dn1030 comes with a built-in robust Bluetooth audio transmission. It uses Dolby Volume to create dynamic volume functionality.

This will allow the sound you hear to remain crisp and clear, even if your volume is down.

It has an equalizer that’s designed to give you control over your genre-specific and reverberation audio settings. This Sony receiver has features that supports the full range of all audio decoders from DTS and Dolby.

Sony str Dn1030 receiver

Sony has taken the time to create an excellent website with customer friendly resources, that can be accessed by all.

You’ll find the FAQs page has quick and reliable answers to common issues. It has a user guide that’s filled with detailed descriptions.

Within the guide, you’ll also find troubleshooting tips and general product information.

Sony can be counted upon to deliver strong technical support, and the knowledgeable representatives are trained to respond to your questions about the STR-Dn1030 promptly. You can create a support ticket using email or phone.

The Sony STR-Dn1030 is among the best AV receiver on the market today. It’s designed to go the distance with exceptional features that give you great performance.

It has a good configuration of ports, including user-friendly control mechanisms. With the excellent support services from Sony, this top rated receiver delivers awesome value for your hard earned money.


Philips Hf3470 Wake-Up Light Review

Truth be told, sleep is good and refreshing, but too much sleep can be detrimental to your growth and personal advancement.

Many of us wish we could just get a few more minutes of rest, especially when you’re woken up by a jarring ordinary alarm clock.

I have witnessed someone throw the alarm hard on the floor completely smashing it, out of pure frustration.

This occurred while I was in college. With the advancement in light technology, you can create a more pleasant waking up mood, by using the Philips Hf3470 Wake-up Light.

This best wake up light alarm clock, has built-in gentle light and sound technology, to wake you up over a long period of time, rather than the abrupt wake up loud sounds from your regular alarm clock.

Philips hf3470 has unique patented technology, that’s been clinically proven to make the waking up routine absolutely more pleasant.

Philips Hf3470 Wake-Up Light Review


AA 9The embedded pleasant light, is designed to gradually prepare your body for wake up, and you have the choice of waking up to FM radio or natural sounds, that are pleasant to the ears.

This waking up device is safe to use, and certified ultraviolet light free. This device itself is the official light therapy product, of the National Sleep Foundation.

The wake-up light alarm is designed to simulate the rising sunshine, thus helping you greet the morning with an upbeat improved mood.

After using this light alarm clock for several weeks, you’ll notice an increased energy level, as you go about your morning routines.

This alarm device is designed to gradually increase the embedded light at least 30 minutes before your scheduled alarm wake-up time.

As the light level increases in brightness, it stimulates your body’s senses and creates a more pleasant energetic you, ready to face the world with an optimistic view.

If you set the wake-up tone to your favorite FM station or the natural sounds, getting up would never be a chore again.

The Philips hf3470 lamp will stay on, even after you turn off the alarm sounds, thus giving you the opportunity to get out of bed without the need of turning on the regular light in your bedroom.

Just the way the light increases in intensity, the chosen sounds will also start out very slow and then increase in volume as the time progresses until it reaches your selected full volume level.

It takes about 90 seconds to reach the top volume level. The nature sounds comprise of; a beep sound, wind chimes, and morning birds.

If the Philips light alarm clock is within arms length, you can hit the snooze button, for an additional nine minutes of sleep, before it starts all over again.

Also, you have the option of choosing what light intensity you prefer for your natural awakening.

We’re all different in more ways than one, so you’ll have to try out all the light intensity levels to see which one works best for you.

The highest intensity level is 250 Lux. Higher light settings will usually result in shorter wake up time while lower light settings make the whole waking up process drag on a little bit longer.

So, the control is in your hands, and you’re free to find your true comfort level based on your sleeping arrangements.

This wake-up alarm clock can also be used as a bedside lamp, for reading your favorite novel or presentation papers.

The device has 20 different brightness levels you can select from. The menu, select, and volume buttons, can be found underneath the time display.

Recent clinical research by a leading foundation found that the majority of participants praised the wake-up light for making it much easier to get out of bed in the morning.

Over 88 percent of the participants preferred the wake-up light alarm system, to the standard loud jarring noise from other alarm clocks, that does nothing but annoy most users.

best wake up light alarm clock


Now you know it has been clinically confirmed, that light technology can help you wake up in a more pleasant mood, thus making you more optimist about your daily activities.

The bulb within the device can be replaced if it dies out. The Philips hf3470 wake-up light alarm clock has dimensions of 6.5 x 6.5 x 10 inches, and it only weighs 3.5 pounds.

The manufacturer should be commended for creating a user-friendly website, with ample resources for current customers. You’ll find easy access to manuals and documentation.

The frequently asked questions pages are well presented, and should help answer some of your pressing issues if any at all.

You can initiate support services by using the embedded live chat option 24/7, or you can call support staff within the following hours or operation;

Monday – Saturday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm EST

Sunday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm EST

Philips hf3470 nature sounds FM wake-up light comes with the standard one-year limited warranty.


Despite discussing several energy saving tips with people in my household, most pretend all the electrical gadgets we have plugged in does not suck money away on a monthly basis.

Belkin conserve is one of those finely tuned and highly efficient energy-saving devices that should be present in every home in America.

Most people talk about energy efficiency as if it is an abstract subject. It is real, and unless you invest in robust energy saving devices for your home, your electrical supplier would be spending part of your hard earned money.

Take a look around your home and count how many electrical devices you see plugged in. I bet you several, right! What can drain your money are not the big purchases, but the little “nickel and dime” stuff.

Belkin Conserve Socket


Each of those devices plugged in at your home is costing you some money, be it few pennies a day.

You’re now able to do something about this energy drain, by using the latest technological timed power outlet from Belkin.

This energy saving outlet is simple to use, you just plug it into the wall outlet and then plug in your digital devices through the multiple surge outlet protector you’re using.

Belkin conserve socket F7C009Q energy-saving outlet has a built-in timer that can be set for ½, 3, or 6 hours. The device will automatically turn itself off once the set time is reached.

Belkin conserve socket F7C009Q energy-saving outletThis Belkin timer outlet is the best way to save energy, and thus save money in the long run. Why do you think your electricity bill is so high? Just imagine all the devices you have plugged in that have not been used.

I soon discovered personally, my stereo system was on, and I hardly listen to it, my printer was on, forgot the last time I printed anything, my DVD player was on, and it has not been used in months.

I can go on and on. Imagine all the money I have wasted with all these devices, probably hundreds of dollars. I now have these devices on my timed power outlet, and I couldn’t be happier.

Just think about it for a minute, all the millions of homes in America have the same wasteful energy sucking electrical devices plugged-in, that’s not been used.

Millions of dollars in wasted money, but the utility companies are indeed very happy.

This Belkin conserve socket F7C009Q energy-saving outlet cost less than $10 a piece, and would save you a lot more than that, in one whole year.

It gives you the power to decide what devices you want on and for how long.

Personally, the only device you should leave on constantly in your home is the refrigerator. Every other electronic device should be put on a timer, and turned on as needed basis.

You should grab this small energy conserving power outlet. You can also use the device to reduce power usage if you use space heaters, microwave ovens, fans, air conditioners etc.

This energy savings device is indeed very portable, and would be a perfect gift for loved ones and your family members.

It’s like your initial gift of this device would keep on giving to your recipients forever, as long as they utilize the small outlet with a timer.

If you’re worried about over-charging your digital devices, use this device to eliminate such problems.

It’s the ideal outlet for charging Bluetooth devices, cameras, smartphones, and MP3 players.

Since you’re paying for the energy usage, the electrical outlet timer gives you the power to set the time, and for how long you want the electrical device to consume your power.

No standby power to worry about, the device would simply shut-off, once the timer is up.

This small electrical outlet timer is simple to use. You press the start button and set the timer between the three given choices; thirty minutes, three hours or six hours.

You’ll see a green illuminated LED light, which is a true sign the device is working as it should and very active. The device is versatile and comes with the standard U.S. three-pin power outlet complaint design.

In fact, I bought two and then connected my surge protector with multiple outlets through the device. So with one Belkin Conserve Socket F7C009Q outlet, I connected one surge protector with multiple outlets.

I was then able to connect multiple devices that I want on a timer, which is all of them, except for my refrigerator.

The Conserve Socket Energy Saving Outlet has Dimensions of 2.9 x 2.8 x 5.4 inches and weighs only 6.4 ounces.

Belkin conserve socket F7C009

This product is backed by a one-year limited warranty. Belkin should be commended for having a robust website, with ample customer resources for all their products line.

You’ll be able to access the frequently asked questions pages, along with a page that explains how to setup your conserve socket.

You can initiate support services by email only, and they promise a one business day response time, and they did keep to that promise when I tried.

Of all the energy saving plugs one can find for purchase online, this one has many performance metrics others will find hard to emulate.

This is how to save on electricity with a true and tested Belkin energy saving surge protector.

Most people hear about energy saving ideas, but with the Belkin conserve socket F7C009 you can make it all a reality.

If you like to have extra money for other household needs, this Belkin conserve socket F7C009Q energy-saving outlet will save you a bundle on a yearly basis.