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Best Gaming Keyboards Reviews

So you just bought a gaming computer or you’re contemplating buying one, be aware that most modern games now come with dynamics, that are well suited to the features embedded within a top rated Gaming Keyboard.

Yes, you might get away with using other keyboards, but your gaming performance would suffer. A best gaming keyboard would complement a top rated gaming computer.

If you’re into playing modern games that require a lot of speed or actions per minute (APM), you’ll benefit tremendously from a gaming keyboard that has a quick and fast response time.

The latest gaming keyboard is what you need for playing games with plenty of micro-managing or very lengthy sequences of actions, simply because you can get custom Macros that will help you do the job faster.

Some Attributes You Can Find in a Top Rated Gaming Keyboard:

A good device is one with a lot of features. Every gaming keyboard brand, usually have one or two areas they try to focus on, which helps make each brand unique in its own special way.

Our gaming keyboards review involved only devices costing less than $100.

Good Features

Gaming is very interactive, and you’ll perform better with a computer keyboard that has convenient benefits. It’s also better to select one that would contribute immensely to improving your gaming experience.

It’s the addition of those little extra features, which differentiates a gaming keyboard from a regular one.

One of the main things to look for in this category is the presence of media keys, which is a unique gaming mode, designed to disable commands and buttons that could affect your interaction with the games you’re playing.

A Media key mostly enhances your ability to adjust volume, and they also give the power to quickly flip through your playlist for that special song you like for tough games.

A Media key also permits ant-ghosting, which is the ability to hit multiple keys all at once without any errors.

Best Gaming Keyboard Design A 112

The key design feature of a gaming keyboard is functionality and convenience. A backlighting feature is truly essential to have, as most gamers play in a dimly lit or dark room.

Other versatile option needed in a high-quality one, is a removable wrist rest. The connection options should include a USB hub and a microphone/headphone jack.

Durability is also an essential factor, as gamers are known to be rough with their peripherals, especially when they’re on a losing streak.

I have seen gamers smash buttons, and it’s usually the same peripherals they tend to punish all the time.

The gaming keyboard that’s worthy of your consideration must be built with strong sturdy materials that could withstand such abuse on a regular basis.

Customization Options

This digital item has become more revolutionary in this digital age. Some give you the right to change backlighting colors while also allowing you to program keys to do simple specific tasks.

Some come with unique keys designed for such specific functions. Those keyboards having special command keys allows you to use macros scripts or multi-command functions, to a single specific key.

Such quick shortcuts can be what are needed to have the upper-hand when playing most types of intense games.

Logitech gaming keyboard G110

Logitech gaming keyboard G110

Logitech G110 is truly a gaming keyboard, with a very balanced set of features.

These best gaming keyboards have unique custom backlit keys, which allows you to personalize your keyboard, making it easy to find the right keys, even in the dark.

This gaming keyboard G110 has an integrated USB audio, designed for Mic jacks and headphones, thereby allowing you to communicate easily with game teammates.

It has 12 programmable G-keys. You can have up to 3 macros per key, thus allowing you to pre-set 36 very unique functions per game. You can use complex macros or single keystrokes, or the combination of both.

Keyboard G110 from Logitech has USB 2.0 hub port that is high speed. This permits you to transfer data quickly; your gaming mouse can also be connected quickly.

The embedded game mode switch is needed when you want to disable the context/windows menu keys.

Saitek Cyborg Gaming Keyboard

Saitek Cyborg Gaming Keyboard

The Saitek Cyborg V.7 is loaded with the latest SST software, needed for easy customization of your keyboard.

This keyboard has a unique, sturdy and distinctive design. If you’re into serious gaming, this is the keyboard you need for gaming dominance.

The nimble keys are designed to strike a perfect balance between pure functionality and durability.

This high-quality gaming electronic device is what you need when losing is not an option. The Saitek Cyborg V.7 is a tried and true device, that’s designed to give you the power you crave.

This is one of the best functional keyboards on the market today and it’s not for everyone, as the style take a little getting used to.

It does offer an excellent balance of features, and the low price makes it a convenient functional digital gaming device.

Gamers agree that this is one of the best keyboards on the market, especially for the price.

It’s not a perfect keyboard that works for everyone’s style, but it offers a good balance of features to make it a functional, convenient product.

Microsoft Sidewinder x4 Keyboard

Microsoft Sidewinder x4 Keyboard

The SideWinder X4 from Microsoft technology is a less expensive and optimized gaming keyboard with lots of usable unique options.

This is indeed a powerful keyboard for very serious gamers. This device comes with most of the must have cores, like industry-leading anti-ghosting, a unique repetitive Macro key, and in-game macro recording.

It also has a full set of media keys, and a manual profile/mode switching that’s automatic.

The Microsoft Sidewinder x4 Keyboard comes with excellent adjustable backlighting, perfect for playing in dimly lit or dark rooms.

You can convert this awesome keyboard for use with everyday computing, with just the touch of a button.

For less than $50, this device for gaming from Microsoft has been tried and tested by serious gamers.

It’s a nice price for a gaming keyboard, with unique functionalities needed for you to win all the time.

Steelseries 6gv2 Review

Steelseries 6gv2 Review

If you place this digital product in the right hands, it can become a serious deadly weapon for winning all the time, especially for those RTS serious gamers.

Unfortunately, this keyboard does not have any macro programming feature, and it’s not the least expensive option. This gaming keyboard has full anti-ghosting feature embedded within.

The Steelseries 6Gv2 is a mechanical keyboard, and it’s designed to give the user more actions per minute, than other gaming keyboards on the market today.

It has increased extreme durability, along with increased response time. It features gold plated mechanical connectors and switches, designed to enhance its durability.

This is a good keyboard for serious gamers and you should have fun with its functionality.


Best Wireless Keyboards From Logitech

A good wireless computer keyboard can enable you to accomplish so much productivity from your personal computer.

There is one company that makes so many digital devices, and we tried to find out the best Logitech keyboard.

Below are some of the best wireless keyboards from this growing conglomerate.

1 – Logitech k760 review

Your need for a wireless keyboard can now be taken a step further, by getting one that uses solar power.

If you’re tired of changing batteries in your peripherals, you can now solve one of those problems by using a wireless solar keyboard.

If you own any Apple devices from MacBook Pro to iPhones, the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 was designed for you.

This solar keyboard is built to connect via Bluetooth, and can be easily paired with three different Bluetooth-enabled Apple devices.

Just by hitting the corresponding Bluetooth selector button located on the top row, you can easily switch from typing on your MacBook laptop to typing on your iPad.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 is the most reliable light powered, instantly portable keyboard for Mac, iPad and iPhone users.

With this Logitech wireless keyboard running on solar power, you’re able to navigate the web easier and faster, check and reply to emails, all with your favorite Apple digital devices.

Say bye-bye to battery hassles, as the K760 is continually and solely powered and also charged, by any light – even the one located on your desktop.

If the light is bright enough for you to see, it’s powerful enough to charge this wireless solar keyboard.

Logitech presently has this wireless solar keyboard market all to itself, as the competition has not responded yet with any comparable product.

The fact that this product uses no regular battery is definitely a good thing for all environmental conscious digital devices users.

Sometimes I get the distinct feeling Logitech consulted Apple before creating this device, but nothing could be further from the truth, as Apple has a competing wireless keyboard that’s not solar powered.

This k760 wireless keyboard does come with all the needed most useful Apple shortcut keys. You’ve got dedicated keys for Mission Control, brightness, play/pause, volume, and mute.

If you’re used to typing on Apple keyboards, this device has mostly the same layout. Amazingly, the crucial keys are right where you expect them to be.

Logitech k760 review

Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 Noteworthy Features

This solar powered keyboard has a slim, compact, portable design. The device is so lightweight; you can take it wherever you go.

The compact style will match your favorite Apple devices. You can easily fit the keyboard into your bag to travel with your Apple mobile devices.

Keyboard K760 is designed to charge itself through sunlight or lamplight, regardless of your location indoors or outdoors.

When fully charged, the solar powered keyboard can be used for at least three months, even in complete darkness. Yes, the fully charged solar power can last that long.

This wireless solar keyboard is loaded with Bluetooth wireless simplicity. The Bluetooth connection can be switched between three enabled Apple devices with just the push of a button.

With this unique Bluetooth technology, you’re able to switch typing from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad, with just one key press.

This best wireless solar keyboard k760 has a special concave key design, which helps you type faster with less noise and much comfort.

This good typing solar keyboard is more reliable than using the iPhone or iPad on-screen keyboard. You get more precise quiet typing with this device.

This device was created and produced using PVC-free construction, and the packaging box is fully recyclable. The less environmental footprint is a win-win for those that love Mother Earth.

Logitech k760 has dimensions of 12.2 x 6.6 x 1.5 inches and weighs only 13.1 ounces. In the delivery package, you’ll find the following contents; Keyboard and User documentation.

This device comes with a 3-year limited hardware warranty. Logitech k760 wireless solar keyboard is designed to work with Mac OS X 10.5 or later, and for iPad or iPhone with iOS 4.0 or later.

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 permanently solves the issue of running out of battery power, while you’re busy doing your computing task.

As long as you have bright lights and sunshine, this solar powered keyboard will be ready to serve you.

2 – Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 Review

Wireless solar keyboards have now become needed invaluable peripherals in many offices around the world, as the go mobile revolution is now in full gear.

I am sure you’re aware of the many choices on the market for cordless keyboards. If you value sensible sophistication, harmony, and durability, you should consider what the Logitech K750 has to offer.

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 might cost more than most of the basic wireless laptop keyboards; it’s our opinion that the care and technology that was used to create the amazing features and design of this keyboard justify the higher asking price.

The K750 Logitech wireless not only created a version for Windows users, but one for Mac users also.

The Mac version is designed to be compatible with all Apple products plus Mac OS 10.4 and higher. The MAC version comes with the Mac regular keyboard layout, along with all the standard unique features.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 Review

Logitech Wireless Solar Features:

The key feature of the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 is the use of solar power. This unique wireless keyboard is powered by a patented ambient light (can either be sunlight or artificial).

It comes with a rechargeable backup battery that stores enough power to last three to four months on a full charge based on regular use.

The lifespan of the solar panels is projected to be about fifteen years before you notice any lag in performance.

It was comforting to know, that the wireless keyboard will always have a charged battery as long as you have access to sunlight or light source.

The handy OFF/ON switch can be utilized to conserve battery power when you’re not using it.

Apart from the going green aspect of the solar battery, Logitech is trying to minimize its footprint with the way it constructed and packaged this wireless keyboard.

Once you open the K750 box, you’ll discover the PVC- free wireless keyboard, the enclosed networking receiver plus the wireless extender cord.

The package box is constructed with recyclable cardboard and the information you need to start using the device is written on both the outside and inside of the box. This eliminates any need for additional documentation.

Once your K750 Logitech wireless keyboard is safely synced, you do get a good feeling dropping the delivery package in the recycle bin. Logitech K750 comes with its own special network receiving device.

This tiny device called the Logitech Unifying receiver plugs into any USB port on your laptop or computer and designed to connect up to six other compatible input devices using just the receiver.

This gives you the ability to combine peripherals, which then frees up your USB ports for added functionality within your computer system.

Logitech K750 wireless keyboard connectivity is based on the 2.4 GHz radio frequency and comes with encryption technology for the secure transfer of your data.

It also comes with a wireless range of at least thirty feet. You can safely control your multimedia devices seating way across the room or lounging on your sofa.

Just imagine the fun you’ll have, controlling your laptop and seeing the presentation on your TV or large Colored monitor.

This keyboard comes fully functional and all you need to do is sync it with your laptop or computer.

If you’re interested in monitoring the keyboards performance, just go on Logitech website and download a free Solar App.

This App illuminates a light check button on your keyboard and pushing it installs a clever widget on your desktop.

This widget displays the percentage of energy you have in reserve and how fast your solar battery is recharging.

Another handy App to download is the Logitech’s SetPoint software. This unique software allows you to customize the built-in F-keys to function just the way you like it.

You can assign a specific task to each key or just disable the ones you intend not to use.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard Design

Any good wireless solar keyboard will offer an excellent combination of function, form and comfort, just like the K750.

It offers a full-size keyboard with numerical keypad functionality. K750 wireless solar keyboard has a defined slim and sleek look, with absolutely no cables or cords to create more mess on your desk.

This device is light and highly portable because it weighs about two pounds. Comes in high gloss finish and would complement any modern office or home.

The only downside we could come up with is that your friends would try to play with this keyboard and most will test your patience with pure childish behavior.

The functionality and design of the K750 are truly the best I have seen!

K750 Help and Support

Logitech has a robust website dedicated to the many fine products they manufacture. The K750 product page provides substantial information.

You can download PDF file of the owner’s manual. You’re free to explore the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section with some needed troubleshooting guides.

You can also get support through the phone. The Logitech online forum is probably a good place to get some of your questions answered.

The Logitech wireless solar keyboard K750 comes with a three-year limited warranty.

3 – Logitech TK820 Review

Logitech TK820 Review

The geniuses at Logitech just brought us pure convergence, with the introduction of the new Logitech Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820.

This new wireless keyboard just eliminated the need for a separate mouse, as it is integrated with a simple to use touchpad.

This Logitech touchpad allows you to experience effortless typing and swipe, all on one device.

This best wireless keyboard comes with unique features, designed to seamlessly integrate typing, gestures and touch.

Logitech has always been on the forefront of creating trends in technological devices, with the introduction of the TK820 you now have all you need to navigate and control your PC in just one digital device.

This new wireless keyboard comes with a large built-in touchpad, thus giving you the power to swipe and type comfortably together.

This is certainly a new and innovative way to navigate through your computer, especially if you use Windows 8.

Will this creation of combining the keyboard and mouse into one device, catch on? Only time will tell, but I love the brilliant specs embedded within the wireless device.

Not only is it ultra-slim, but in some amazing ways, actually has more room for you to point and swipe, using the multitouch click pad.

Logitech claims one can easily perform at least 13 very unique Windows 8 gestures, smoothly and comfortably.

The slim wireless keyboard from Logitech has a very sleek design with a two-tone color scheme fusion, almost black dark grey with subtle blue accents along the edges.

Within the design is a full-size functional chiclet keyboard, along with a 4.17-inch touchpad carefully embedded on the right side of the wireless device.

The wireless touchpad replaces the 10-key numeric pad found on a regular keyboard. This convergence of two distinct products will certainly save space and reduce desktop clutter.

You can count on enjoying the benefits of touch technology, without extra investment in a touch screen or any other additional device.

Key Features:

This Logitech touchpad keyboard comes with a standard layout with unique media controls and Charm keys, designed to further enhance your Windows 8 navigation.

This awesome setup will allow you to easily navigate through open Apps, jump to and initiate start screen search, while also using Windows 8 sharing tools with the simple touch of a button.

The embedded keys are conveniently spaced and sculpted for you to enjoy an exhilarating typing experience.

The integration of the keyboard with a built-in touchpad is pure brilliance. This seamless integration gives you the ability to have just one device for touch, typing, and gestures, as you conduct your computing needs.

The placement of the touchpad allows for smooth and effortless switching between it and the keyboard keys.

You can simultaneously type on the wireless keyboard while also pointing, zooming or swiping on the touchpad.

The Logitech touchpad space is large enough to support all Windows 8 gestures. It’s certainly larger than a laptop touchpad.

The larger embedded touchpad will enable zoom, point, swipe, scroll, pinch and click, more freely.

Unlike other tiny touchpads, this one from Logitech wireless all-in-one keyboard TK820 give you more precise control of your cursor, along with all the full range of multi-touch gestures.

Not only is the TK820 ultra slim, but the wireless space-saving design will help you reduce you desktop clutter with no visible ugly connection cables to get in the way of your home entertainment set-up.

The TK820 comes with Logitech advanced key technology, which helps guarantee, comfortable and smooth typing.

It has a Perfect Stroke key system along with Incurve keys. This system is designed to help distribute typing pressure evenly, all across the key surfaces.

The Incurve keys have softly rounded edges, which permits your fingers to glide fluidly and comfortably across the wireless keyboard.

This electronic typing device has a very robust wireless connection that uses a tiny Unifying receiver. It uses a tiny USB Dongle, which can be plugged in and left unsupervised indefinitely.

You can also connect up to five additional Logitech wireless products through the Logitech Unifying receiver.

It uses advanced 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, designed not to drain your battery power while also preventing any sluggish connection or interference.

Because of the robust wireless connection from the advanced receiver, you can move the keyboard conveniently without any fears of delays or dropouts.

The Logitech Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820 works perfectly with Windows 8 and Windows 7. Your computer must have an available USB port, for connection using the tiny Dongle.

The device dimensions are 16.9 x 1.8 x 7.9 inches, and it only weighs 2.4 lbs. The Logitech TK820 comes with a three-year warranty.

You can also count on Logitech’s legendary support services to be around if you need any assistance after your purchase.


Best Webcam for Streaming

Have you noticed all those photos and videos online, with people trying to strut their stuff? Most are now using webcams to shoot and record those exciting moments they want the world to witness.

I remember those days when video-recorders used to be bulky, very expensive and did not do much.

Webcams can be useful when using instant messaging services, shooting photos, recording videos and sometimes as part of a home security system.

Nowadays, the quality of webcams seems to double every year, and the prices have practically imploded.

I remember when it was common to only find high-definition (HD) video modes in only high-end video recorders, nowadays almost all the models on the market today have this feature.

But when all is said and done, the market leader in the webcam tech jungle is still Logitech, with competitors not too far behind quality-wise.

With fierce competition in this electronics category, most common standard features now include noise and echo reduction technology, light correction technology, and 30 frames per second video capture functions.

When you have an HD webcam, the way you communicate with your friends and loved ones, can become more intimate.

The quality of your video and sound should be tremendously improved with the right video recording equipment.

Chatting on Skype with an HD webcam with a loved one, can make them feel closer to you, even if they’re many miles away.

While most desktops and laptop computers now come with built-in cameras, most lack many unique features and portability options, afforded by an external HD webcam.

It’s true that the best-rated webcams do offer HD resolution, as well as tilting and panning capabilities, designed to expand your field of view.

Some do have special effects features, which allow you to create a truly unique experience that’s personal to you and those you wish to share it with.

I found some great recommendations for you, and they’re listed at the bottom of this webcam review article.

You should be able to use them for what you want, including making your own music video, create a blog entry, or just place an internet call to your friends or loved ones hundreds of miles away.

The ones I reviewed are all manufactured by Logitech and there is a reason for that, they make fabulous and exciting HD webcams.

In case you want to look around, I will now explain some needed features that should be present in any digital device you end up purchasing.

What to Look For in Best HD Webcams

How is the Image Quality?

Truth be told, image quality is an essential aspect of a camcorder/camera system. The top rated HD webcams should offer 1920 x 1080 resolutions.

The good ones offering video capture at 30 frames per second should be preferred over the ones offering 15 frames per second (FPS). These two important specs play crucial roles when creating full HD video.

Although I have seen webcams with 15 FPS and having 1080p resolution, create good videos, the ones having 30 FPS do output better quality videos.

Personally, I have one made by Logitech and it only has 15 FPS, and the outputted videos are nothing but just amazing in quality.

As you know, the device is both a digital camera and a camcorder. Makers of these devices usually list image quality in many different ways.

You can find some manufacturers listing the resolution of 1.3 megapixels while some might indicate a resolution of 1280 x 1024. Fortunately, these two unique measurements do result in the same resolution.

What Features Does it Have?

Apart from the image, you do need video recording equipment that can output sounds that are clean and crystal clear as the picture.

A top rated HD webcam with echo and noise reduction technology should be able to eliminate any hissing or unwanted background noise, thereby making your video conversations feel like one on one chatting in person.

Personally, I think those with auto-focus are more convenient and should be selected over the manual focus webcam unless you’re familiar with technical settings and such.

A webcam camera/camcorder with facial tracking technology is basically a must have, to make sure you’re always in the focus of the device.

The embedded tracking function, will adjust to follow your facial movements, with no additional settings required.

Look for ones with extra features to enable video and audio effects. To see what special effects can do, all you have to do is watch some YouTube videos.

After creating your video, your personal special effects might just push you to internet stardom.

What Type of Design Features?

The good ones should offer easy connections, using a USB port. Some will also have 360 degrees swiveling capabilities, for better angle photo and video shooting.

Another key ingredient of the best webcam is a high quality microphone for clarity in video chat conversations.

If you find a good one with an extended connection cable, your portability and placement options, will be vastly enhanced.

What about Help & Support

The company behind the product is just as important as the device itself. Always choose manufacturers with longer warranties, easy email and phone support, along with live chat support.

The emphasis is on them to do a good job explaining how to operate the equipment, and getting the straight answers you need should be easy.

For a great HD webcam, you need high-resolution video, with amazing sound quality.

When you add features like noise reduction, auto-focus, and portable design, you’re on your way to getting a top rated webcam money can buy.

Best HD Webcam Reviews

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

This is the Ferrari of all of webcams. The picture quality is simply stunning and offers the best maximum video resolution of 1080p.

Designed to capture video at 30 frames per second, this webcam C920 is truly a smooth operator and the king of 1080p video. This webcam C920 by Logitech has all the features you need to create truly professional looking videos.

This webcam will satisfy the taste of the techy geek and a novice alike. This awesome device outputs one of the highest quality video and audio recordings known to man.

The built-in H.264 HD video compression technology guarantees smoother and faster uploads and downloads because it uses less computer processing power and bandwidth.

This webcam does not use-up your PC resources but actually enhances its performance. That’s a win-win situation in my book!

Built-into this awesome webcam is a premium 20-step auto-focus that gives you razor sharp action pictures with consistent clarity and details that would amaze you.

Embedded in this leading webcam is the best industry-leading premium optics by Carl Zeiss, which gives you lavishly detailed videos and stills.

The webcam C920 Logitech is loaded with a special light correction technology, that even in low or harsh lighting, you get the best and sharpest image possible.

You get a versatile mounting clip that enables you to place your webcam on your desktop monitor, laptop or a tripod. Easily snap pro-quality photos with the one touch easy to use technology.

Pro webcam C920 comes with built-in dual stereo quality premium headphones. With noise cancelation features, your friend and family would hear your voice loud and very clear.

Inside each Logitech C920 webcam is the latest fluid crystal technology. It enables sleek smoother video motions, without any annoying choppiness. The richer colors of your environment would be brought to live.

Presently, it is only suitable for windows based PCs. The company is said to be working on a version for Mac OS users. (Checkout This Model for MAC users)

Each Logic webcam comes with a 2-year limited hardware warranty. Is the Logitech HD pro webcam C920 a good buy? Yes indeed!

Based on the above-listed features lacking in other webcams, the Logitech HD pro webcam C920 1080p widescreen video calling and recording is simply the most advanced and readily affordable webcam on the market today.

Logitech HD C615

Logitech HD Webcam C615 is just below the C920 in certain features. Comes with 1080p resolution and have auto-focus and an easy fold and go design.

With this equipment, you should be able to video chat, stream digital content, blog, rant, share, dance and sing with much ease.

Logitech HD C615

Webcam C615 Best Image Quality:

This webcam from Logitech manages to hold suitable frame rate of 15 frames per second, in 1080p mode.

The frame rate of 15 FPS using the 720p video mode is probably more compatible with most instant messaging services.

Logitech HD webcam C615 has a tracking feature, which allows the camera to refocus the view on your face when you move around when using the webcam.

If you’re into creating video blogs, this is the ideal webcam camera to utilize. This Logitech webcam tends to output better images in medium light or darker rooms.

Personally, I would advise you to leave the webcam camera at factory settings, until you’re familiar with the device.

You’re probably better off playing around with the webcam until you find the best settings for the task at hand, or you can just look through the well-presented manual for crystal clear directions.

To discover truly outstanding audio quality, simply turn off the “Right Sound” function. The voices embedded in your videos shot with this webcam, will come out crystal clear and fully recognizable.

Since, it comes with a noise reduction filter; background noise will be barely noticeable.

HD Webcam C615 Software:

This webcam comes with a full suite of software’s and loading them, will give you full options in how you manage your video and photo functions.

Some of the advantages of loading the included software includes use of loads of avatars along with facial accessories, made to auto-adapt to movements and any facial expressions.

You can create some awesome special effects using this webcam. The embedded video surveillance function is primarily useful in keeping an eye on your home, kids or pets, regardless of your location.

The automatic email function offered by some top rated webcams is missing from this model.

The built-in software integrated microphone is okay, and would get-rid of most background noise when you enable the noise cancelation feature.

The following contents will be in your delivery box:

The Webcam, which comes with the standard 3-foot cable

An additional 3-foot extension cable

The webcam has a hole in the base, making it Tripod-ready

Included is Logitech webcam software, along with Logitech Vid HD, which is compatible with for PC and Mac

Much needed, User documentation or manual

A 2-years limited warranty for the hardware

Logitech HD Webcam C615 has simple designs with awesome features, which would allow you to output photos or videos just like the professionals. This is truly a beautiful webcam!

It comes with features that allow you to upload videos to YouTube and Facebook with just one click.