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What to Look For in Best Electric Lawn Mowers?

Nothing contributes more to the curb appeal of a house, than the look of the lawn. You can contract the service out, but it needs to be mowed regularly with the best electric lawn mower.

Presently, lawn mower manufacturers are engage in fierce competition with each other for market share.

The rate of technology innovation for new electric riding lawn mowers is astonishing. Slowly gas mowers are now been phased out, because the cost has certainly outweighed the derived benefits.

With the best electric lawn mowers, you can get the same horsepower as that offered by gas mowers.

Apart from that, the maintenance of an electric mower can be easily managed compared to the heavy manpower required to keep the best gas mower running effectively.

What to Look For in Best Electric Lawn MowersSome of these factors contribute immensely to the growing popularity of electric lawn mowers.

In this digital age, you do not have to accept the toxic fumes and the annoying maintenance requirements of a gas lawn mower.

You’re certainly welcome to come aboard the electric mower movement, and you’ll have your health and cleaner lawns as a result.


Before we get to the features you have to look for in a top rated electric lawn mower, let’s see some of the main benefits of switching from gas mowers to electric powered ones.

Most electric lawn mowers are designed to start with just the push of a button, as compared to gas mowers.

With the best electric lawn mower you’ll not have to pull any string for it to start functioning effectively.

Electric lawn mowers are better designed, and require less maintenance as compared to the gas powered ones.

The mere fact you’ll not be choking on gas fumes anymore, is probably one of the single most relevant reason to make the switch today.

Electric lawn motors are designed to operate quietly. Your neighbors would be glad, when you get rid of that noisy gas mower.

And the best reason of all is that in the long run you’ll spend a lot less money in overall operational cost for an electric lawn mower.

What to Look For in Best Electric Lawn Mowers:

With improved technology, electric lawn mowers can be separated into two groups: corded and cordless. A corded electric mower is your best option, if you have a small lawn with few obstacles to navigate from.

On the other hand, most professional lawn keepers detest the limiting factor of been attached to an outlet.

If you truly want best performance, cordless electric lawn mower is the best way to go. Below are some of the needed features, you’ll have to pay close attention to when seeking to purchase the best electric lawn mower.

Performance Criteria

Please try not to select your next lawn mower based on how pretty it looks. You should base it solely on how well it’s able to cut your grass.

Even for top grass cutting machine, you’ll need to examine how well it can discharge, bag or mulching the grass waste.

If it’s a lawn mower that is designed to self-propel itself, you want to see how effective is that function.

Durability Issues

While every lawn mower manufacturer proclaims their product as the best, one must be able to separate the facts from the assumed facts.

Durability factors should not be taken lightly in your buying decision. You’ll want to look closely at the materials the electric lawn mower is made from.

Take the mower deck for an example; you should know that lawn mower decks created from polymer will last much longer than any other materials.

It’s more durable than metal decks, and will not rust when cleaned. You should pay careful attention to the mower’s battery, wheels, and the battery charger.

Design & Ease of Use

The electric mower you select must be easy to operate. Nothing frustrates like a machine with start-up procedures that’s out of this world.

The mowers features must be clearly explained. You’ll want to know about the mower’s size and weight. Can the battery be removed and how quick and easy can it be done?

Best Electric Lawn MowerYou want to know the steps needed to switch between mowing modes. The best electric lawn mowers will have features that are easily understandable.

Read some of the existing customers review to get the best clue as to how the mower holds up in real life grass mowing situations.

Some Other Features You Might Like Included:

Since some electric lawn mowers are on the heavy side, you might want one with a self-propel option.


One with a removable key would help keep close-by crooks at bay. It would also minimize the chances of accidental startup or unauthorized use.

You might seek one with a bail handle, as it helps cut power to the blade while the mower is on.

A truly great feature to have is one touch height adjustment, thus negating the need to adjust each wheel’s height individually.

What about Help and Support?

You need to buy a model that comes with awesome customer support services. Just assuming the customer service would be around, when you need it the most, might end up costing you more in the long run.

Best electric lawn mowers manufacturers will have a well-designed and user friendly website, to service existing customers.

Online resources should include a knowledge base guide, FAQs pages, and users manual. Best ways and how to reach support staff, must also be clearly stated for all to see.

Finally, you must take a few minutes to read existing customers reviews and experiences, before making your final buying decision, as to the best electric lawn mower that’s perfect for your situation.

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Bissell Deepclean Premier Review

While pets are fun to have at home, they certainly do behave worse than kids when it comes to creating dirty situations in your home.

Regardless if you have a dog or cat, but are capable of doing a number on your home.

Bissell Deepclean Premier ReviewIf you have plush parted floors, you can use the Bissell Deepclean premier pet carpet cleaner 17n4 to keep your place looking like new. This pet hair vacuum cleaner was created to service the top concerns of pet owners. It has the capacity to not just vacuum away dirt, but can also wash deep into the fibers using the proprietary technology that comes with the Bissell Deepclean premier pet vacuum cleaner.

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This cleaning device comes equipped with dual rotating brushes that’s composed of special 12 rows of bristles, designed to scrub away and clean dirt.

This Best Vacuum For Pet Hair is what you use if you want to keep odors and stains permanently away from your carpets, rugs and upholstery.

What About Cleaning Performance?

This specially designed Deepclean vacuum cleaner for pet mess, comes with patented features that includes built-in spray nozzle which is located in the front, and it’s capable of dispensing concentrated solution directly onto your carpeted floor.

The easy to reach button, is what you press to dispense the solution. The embedded water tank is capable of holding up to 1.25 gallons of water.

Within the water tank is a special divider that keeps clean water away from the absorbed dirty water. Bissell Deepclean Premier has built-in Heatwave technology, that’s designed to keep the cleaning water temperature constant throughout the cleaning process.


This Best carpet shampooer has dimensions of 23.5 x 14 x 25 inches, and weighs about 24 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest cleaners on the market today.

The lightweight design allows you to maneuver easily through furniture, and it’s the best machine for cleaning up after pet accidents.

Some might say the 22 feet cord is not long enough, but I beg to disagree. You just have to move the AC connection if you’re cleaning a large area rug or carpet.


You get a specialized pet tool that’s capable of thoroughly removing pet stains quickly and most efficiently.

It comes with a pet hair basket, that’s designed to capture pet hair and the vacuumed small debris, before they reach the water tank section that contains the dirty water. The included nozzle is removable.

What about help and support? Bissell is famous for many things, and one of them is top notch customer service.

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On their website, you’ll find helpful resources like needed replacement Parts, how to register your product, FAQs pages, user guides, service center locations, how to videos, and stain removal guide.

You’re able to contact support staff through email or phone. This carpet cleaning machine comes with a limited three years warranty.

In your delivery package, you should get the following content: Bissell Deepclean Premier Pet Cleaner, one 3″ Tough Stain Tool, one Deep Reach pet tool, one Measuring cup, and one Trial-size BISSELL 2X Formula.


Black & Decker SPCM1936 Review

The giant among tool manufacturers is Black and Decker Company. They dominate when it comes to electric lawn mowers, and the article will take a closer look at the features embedded within the Black and Decker SPCM1936 mower.

If you’re still mowing with your gas mower and all its many quality issues, this electric lawn mower from Black and Decker should give you good reasons to switch.

This electric powered lawn mower is not limiting by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it has most of the characteristics usually found in high-end gas mowers, all without the higher maintenance cost or the toxic fumes.

Black & Decker SPCM1936 ReviewThe SPCM1936 is a self-propelled cordless electric mower, and comes in at 19-inch with 36-volt. This mower is designed to create an enjoyable experience for everyone using it.

It has the feature that allows it to discharge, bag or mulch grass clippings. It does all these functions much better than the competition, and it has ease of use features that will make you want to cut your grass again.


What About Performance:

While gas mowers do come with higher horsepower and the ability to cut very thick and wet grass, the fact is that very few lawns have a need for a mower with such power.

If you have a well maintained lawn, with normal acceptable grass lengths, the effectiveness of the Black & Decker SPCM1936 will allow you to get the mowing done in no time at all.

The SPCM1936 functions with the aid of a 30 pound removable lead-acid battery, and can be charged while the battery is inside the mower or outside.

You need about 12 hours to fully charge the battery, and it’s recommended you leave the battery plugged in when you’re not using the mower.

Just a word of caution, a lead acid battery should never be allowed to be completely discharged or it will negatively affect its storage capacity, including length of use.

The user’s manual that comes with the black and decker cm1936, has battery maintenance guidelines that you’re encouraged to follow.

Depending on what mode the electric mower is been used, the fully charged battery will last about 45 to 60 minutes of runtime.

While Black & Decker has been known to make awesome lawn mowers, the SPCM1936 is their first attempts at creating one with a self-propel option.

It has a speed control lever, which you can use to achieve variable speed settings. You’re able to use the self-drive bail handle to switch from self-propel to manual.

To get comfortable with the mower, you do need to spend some time getting to know how to use the various features, especially the self-drive bail handle.

The SPCM1936 does come with a smaller bag, but it’s still able to mulch, discharge and bag its clippings most efficiently.

Design & Ease of Use Factors:

It has a one touch adjustment feature you can use to adjust the SPCM1936’s wheel height. The weight of this electric mower might be an issue because it weighs 90 pounds, not counting the bagged grass clippings.

If you find it hard to push, just use the self-propel option. Some might have issue with the inclusion of lead-acid technology for the battery power instead of the more recent lithium-ion type battery.

Both battery types have unique advantages, and the one used on the Black And Decker SPCM1936 is more than capable of getting the job done right.

Other notable design features you should know about includes; removable key, low noise level, helpful battery power indicator light, removable battery, best foldable design for optional upright storage, no-slip handle grip, and very minimal out of the box assembly.

Durability Factors:

Black And Decker SPCM1936You should never believe the hype, that electric lawn mowers are soft on power output. The SPCM1936 can perform just as admirably as your best gas lawn mower.

The main body of this electric mower holds the wheels, blades and battery, and it is made from sturdy durable polymer material that will withstand the rigors of the most rugged terrains. To keep the battery in tip top shape, Black and Decker recommends you leave it charging even when not in use. Be sure to go over the maintenance procedures included in your owner’s manual.

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What Help & Support:

The Black And Decker SPCM1936 comes with a two years limited warranty. The manufacturer should be given much deserved credit for creating an awesome user friendly website, with helpful resources.

On their website, you’ll find FAQs pages, and best knowledge guides. You’re able to contact support staff through email or phone.

You might also want to join the online community forum, for more resources from members using the same mower.

When you’re looking to make the switch to an electric lawn mower, or just purchasing a new one, the Black & Decker SPCM1936 should be on top of your list.

With the self-propel option and the easy to use one touch adjustment, this cordless electric lawn mower is capable of helping keep your lawn in tip top shape, for many years to come.


How to Select the Best Dishwasher for the Money

Do you remember in the past when best dishwashers were looked upon as a luxury appliance? Well, those days are long gone, because a good dishwasher with excellent energy star ratings, is a must have for any modern kitchen in America and some other countries.

Best dishwasher prices are dictated by the efficient durable intake capacity and other unique special features. Those with stainless steel do also cost a little more.

While many manufacturers are touting the features of their dishwashers, one must also pay close attention to other factors like energy savings options, durability, ease of use and current customer reviews.

Best Dishwasher for the MoneyWhile it’s true dishwashers main function is to clean dishes, the ones with the latest modern designs, can do so much more.

Some are designed to utilize less water and soap, some are built to use just a fraction of electrical power and some come with desirable programmable features.

Luckily, many major appliance manufacturers are making sincere efforts to design eco-friendly appliances and current dishwasher models are no different.

Getting a good energy efficient dishwasher will not only save you money by reduced utility bills, but also help heal the planet by putting less stress on it.

A dishwasher that is energy efficient will also save you money by using less water, as water utility billings have increased dramatically in the last few years.

If your current dishwasher is on its last legs because it uses too many resources, upgrading to a new modern energy efficient dishwasher will be the way to go.

Moving to the eco-friendly side is not the only reason to upgrade your old dishwasher, but the supreme quality of the dish cleaning is also a very good reason.

Age is a factor that affects all major appliances and older dishwashers are not immune from lag-in performance due to old-age.

The older dishwashers might leave you with dishes that are not completely cleaned, sanitized or dried.

This might leave you and your family exposed to the dangers of bacteria’s that have not been totally cleaned-off the dishes due to lag-in performance.

What to Look For in Best Dishwashers Ratings:

While there are many ideal features to consider when looking into purchasing a dishwasher, some are crucial if you want your new dishwasher to function in optimal ways while also saving you money.

When you get past the sales brochures and sleek press-releases, you will soon discover some dishwashers are known lousy performers.

We did notice that the best dishwashers are energy star compliant, while also incorporating features and functions that enhances how much you save.

A good dishwasher will not only save you money, but also use less resources thereby helping the environment. More like a win-win situation at its best!

Ideal functions to look at, when considering purchasing the best dishwasher.


As to be expected, some dishwashers come with basic minimal features, while some have embedded unique features that enhance the value.

We did also notice, dishwashers with more features like fan dry option, air dry option, optimum wash sensor plus small load option, outperformed the others without these features.

Having these features, enables the dishwasher to be more energy efficient and thereby saving you lots of money in the long-run.


It takes a lot of unique designs, to make a dishwasher function well. For example, the number of cycles, options and how many number of spray arms on the dishwasher will influence significantly how well it performs.

Those that come with more cycles and options should be preferred over the others. Also the ones with higher place setting capacity will enable you to clean more dishes in just one single load, thereby saving you more money.

Nowadays, manufacturers do post estimated annual operation cost. They’re required to post the estimated annual energy consumption.

The lower numbers should be preferred, because it will help the environment and your pocket book simultaneously.

Best dishwashers with lower sound level should be selected. We soon discovered, the best ones ran much quieter than the others.


Most dishwashers have similarities in size, but differ substantially in appearance. Some come with touch sensitive panel or controls and I have seen some with embedded hidden controls.

best dishwasher on the marketThose that come with hidden controls would certainly baffle your guests. The hidden control is usually hidden when the door to the dishwasher is shut.

Warranty Coverage

The minimum warranty to accept is one year and it should cover all the electronics, parts, racks, and labor.

If can find best dishwasher brand with longer warranty, just go for it. I have seen some offer up-to 10 years. Many dishwasher manufacturers do offer lifetime warranty on the door line and tub.

Nowadays, some do come in varieties of colors including stainless steel.

Help & Support

Be on the look-out for manufacturers that offer robust after sale support and help. The website should clearly list support staff email, phone numbers and the steps needed to initiate one.

The best ones do offer live chat and knowledgeable staff. FAQs (frequently asked questions) and user manuals should be accessible online.

When you upgrade your old and current dishwasher to a more energy efficient model, not only would you be saving money, but the environment would be happy, since you’re using fewer resources and getting cleaner dishes.

The best dishwashers listed below met or exceeded some of the ideal features needed for optimal performance.

Who makes the best dishwasher? Here are the 6 most popular best dishwasher brand we found online:

SPT Countertop Dishwasher, White

Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher – White

Frigidaire FFBD1821MB 18″ Built-In Dishwasher

Danby DDW1899BLS 18-Inch Built-In Dishwasher – Stainless Steel

SPT Countertop Dishwasher, Silver

Bosch SPX5ES55UC 500 18″ Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher – Energy Star


Do you love the taste of fresh espresso, but dislike the high prices charged by your local coffee shop? You should consider purchasing your own espresso machine! It can be daunting navigating through all the best espresso machines on the market today.

We have taken the liberty to find the two most reliable ones you should consider buying and the detailed reviews are listed below. First, let’s look at some of the features to look for, when buying a home espresso machine.

What to Look For in Espresso Machines:

Best Automatic Espresso MachineThe type of cappuccino maker you buy will obviously be based on your lifestyle and budget. Some of the machines we looked at do also come with a standard coffee maker plus an espresso machine rolled into one.

This might be the better purchase for a family that enjoys both. Instinctively, been single and loving just espresso, you should consider getting a pure stand-alone espresso machine.

Some of the machines do offer dual cups, which comes in handy if you’re also preparing espresso for a guest. All the espresso machines on the market today, use two types of espresso making systems. Some come with the bar pump system, while some offer the steam machine system.

The bar pump system uses compressed air to force hot water through your coffee grounded beans, while the steam machine option, uses steam pressure to force water through your coffee grounds.

Both systems do what they do best, make great tasting espressos. Either system in any machine you purchase should get the job done right. An automatic espresso machine must offer some ideal features to be considered ideal. One having a steam wand and milk frothier should be considered over others.

These two features are designed to help you make the best home-made lattes, macchiato and cappuccinos. Below are the reviews on the two best espresso machines we found that gives you the best value for your money.

Capresso 303.01 4-Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Capresso 303, is a steam type espresso machine. Since it functions using steam pressure, it takes about two to three minutes for this cappuccino machine to heat-up.

This cappuccino maker would probably get your espresso ready before you drive-up to your local coffee shop for a cup.

With a home espresso maker, you have the option of adding ingredients as you see fit. Now, you have the power of making your espresso from totally organic ingredients.

The removable drip tray built-into this cappuccino maker, will lighten the load during the clean-up time. Having a drip tray is thoughtful, especially when you lift-up the carafe before all the coffee has been dispensed from the home espresso machine.

Capresso 303.01 4-Cup Espresso and Cappuccino MachineThis handy feature, will enable you to maintain a kitchen that is tidy, neat and also free of coffee stains.

Capresso 303.01 4-Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Machine Convenience Features:

Enclosed within this home espresso machine is useful coffee and steam wand. You can utilize this wand to create more flavorful java, since it affords you the option of adjusting the potency to suit your taste.

Be-careful, as this feature allows you to create different tasting espressos and your friends and neighbors, might just decide to forget the local java shop, and just invade your living space for a cup anytime they feel like it.

If bothered by the demanding attention, gently prod them to read this article, because they need to by their own cheap espresso machine.

This espresso machine has no removable water reservoir, but the carafe can be removed easily and holds more than enough water to make several perfect shots of espresso.

While having a water tank might be a nit feature, you won’t even miss it on this machine, because of the other great functional features it comes loaded with.

The carafe that comes with this home espresso machine, is dishwasher safe and much easier to clean-up. It’s more likely the hot water and soap from your dishwasher will keep your carafe sanitized in a clean loving-way.

You can count-on Capresso, because they provide significant helpful resources like, quick handy reference guide, instruction booklets, comparison charts, and a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

After purchase product registration, is easy to do and greatly encouraged by the manufacturer. If you have any questions, a toll-tree number is provided for your convenience and it’s answered by real human beings not answering machines.

This home espresso machine comes with a one year limited warranty. Capresso 303.01 measures just 9.75 x 7.50 x 13.25 inches and weighs less than six pounds.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

Buying a DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica is one of the best value you can get for your money. This is the Ferrari of cappuccino machines and certainly not for every-one.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee MachineNot only do you have to be a fine latte or cappuccino lover, but your budget must also support the purchase.

This cappuccino machine does everything, from grinding your beans and then brewing some or all of it, to preparing lattes, espresso and much more.

This is the Delonghi espresso machine to get, as the features surpass the rest by at least a-mile.

The DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica has two built-in stainless steel boilers, designed to provide the best heat distribution, coupled with instant re-heat function.

The re-heat option will keep the machine at the set desired temperature, until you’re ready for more cups.

It has a quiet burr grinder, designed to automatically grind your coffee beans, with settings for different grinding levels. You can also use ground coffee with the unit, if that’s your preference.

Some DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Unique Features:

This is a high performance compact espresso machine. The stainless steel boiler can be removed and cleaned easily. Nothing beats the taste of freshly ground coffee.

The taste is simply more refreshing and you’re sure to abandon your local coffee shop, if you ever try one. It has a unique adjustable spigot height feature, to accommodate all types of cups and containers.

This best espresso machine has a built-in patented unique cappuccino system that rotates 180 degrees, which allows for any size milk container to be utilized.

The DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica comes with programmable features that allow you to customize your creations to your exact liking. This cheap espresso machine has a powerful 1,150 watts motor. Rated voltage is 110/120V, with frequency of 50/60 Hz.

The enclosed water container is designed to hold 60 ounces which is about 1.8 liters. The beans container can hold 7.10 ounces.

The cappuccino machine measures 15 x 11 x 14 inches and weighs less than 26 lbs. Comes with a one-year limited warranty.

While many online retailers profess to have the best prices and support, only one company can be counted upon to stand by the lowest price guarantee.

You can save a bundle by purchasing your home espresso machine through the Discount Prices King – Amazon.com Discount Link


Best KitchenAid Blender Reviews

KitchenAid keeps coming up with design ideas guaranteed to compliment any modern kitchen. While they’re famous for manufacturing many kitchen appliances, their line of kitchen blenders can be found in many famous kitchens world-wide.

With thousands of reviews online most of them positive, this company is blooming and flourishing at an astonishing rate.

The popularity of kitchenaid blenders must be due to their remarkable user friendly designs, durability and proven dependability.

This company has a large number of best products and it can be traced to their stylish designs and easy to use functionality.

We have taken the time to look closely at two top selling kitchenaid blenders and the full reviews are listed below.

Best KitchenAid Blender ReviewsThe most annoying complaints about blenders is that, some do not have enough power to blend the ingredients properly. It’s also true some have limited capability as to what they can blend.

The kitchenaid blenders reviewed below should give you an idea why this company innovates, while others imitate when it comes to kitchen appliances.

KitchenAid 5-Speed Blenders with Polycarbonate Jars

If you’re into making smoothies and iced drinks, this is the blender to get. It has enough power to handle all your blending ingredients.

This KitchenAid 5 speed blender is built sturdy, with a die cast base and comes in all your favorite colors. Presently, they have about twelve colors you can select from.

This 5 speed blender unique features are:

This KitchenAid five speed blender is equipped with 740-watts 0.9 horsepower motor. This high powered motor can reach speeds of up to 13,000 revolutions per minute (RPM).

This amazing blender has enough power to blend your food ingredients perfectly, just the way you would want it.

The steel blades are made from unique stainless steel technology, designed to offer four unique planes for speedy and thorough blending.

Has a built-in five speed touch pad control, which makes blending easier to accomplish.

This kitchenaid blender comes with its own unique Intelli-speed technologies that monitors speeds and automatically adjust power to enable perfect blending of thicker ingredients.

Another great feature, is the soft start design. The blender pulls all you ingredients into the blade, before increasing power to the selected speed.

This 5-speed blender has a 56-oz jar made from polycarbonate that is both scratch and shatter resistant. The unique pitch design is built to guide ingredients for fast and efficient blending.

The enclosed blend and serve pitcher, is built with a non-slip soft grip for easy handling.

The one pitcher design helps eliminate food traps plus no need to disassemble.

Has a built-in automatic ice crusher option, which runs at staggered intervals to produce the best crushed ice possible.

The Commercial-quality coupler is embedded with twelve interlocking teeth, that is also steel reinforced given it more strength and durability

It has the following dimensions 7″W X 8 1/2″D x 15 1/2″H and weighs only 12 lbs.

KitchenAid KSB465WH 4-Speed Countertop BlenderThe KitchenAid 5-Speed Blenders with Polycarbonate Jars comes with a one year replacement warranty.

KitchenAid KSB465WH 4-Speed Countertop Blender with 48-Ounce Polycarbonate Jar

This KitchenAid KSB465 4 Speed Countertop Blender might not look very pretty on the outside, but comes with unique features that enable it to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

It’s designed to blend frozen fruits, ice and other food ingredients. It comes with four speed settings, plus one for chopping ice and ready pulse modes.

It has a unique Intelli-Speed sensor. This electronic device will adjust blending power to accommodate all ingredients, thereby guaranteeing consistent speed for perfect blending.

The base is made from solid die cast metal strengthened with steel-reinforced coupler.

Easy to use control touch pad is included and the 48oz polycarbonate pitcher is dishwasher safe.

This KitchenAid KSB465WH 4-Speed Countertop Blender has the following dimensions 8.7 x 5.8 x 14.4 inches.

It weighs less than 10lbs and comes with a limited one year warranty.

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Black and Decker is known for their superior manufacturing qualities and reliability. The same ingenuity found in every other product made by this company is found in the Black & Decker T2707S 2-Slice Stainless-Steel Toaster.

This Best 2 Slice Toaster features a very stylish chrome and black exterior which looks good in every kitchen. The price is very affordable and the product addresses many problems people often have with toasters.

Best 2 Slice Toaster By Black & DeckerThis device is built very well with features that ensure even and adequate toasting. It never goes overboard by burning the toast even at the highest heat setting.

If you are looking for a very nice, well-built toaster which does exactly what it’s supposed to do, this Black and Decker device will deliver on all fronts.

The Black & Decker T2707S 2-Slice Stainless-Steel Toaster comes with a standard two-slice intake. It operates at 1400 watts.

The outer aesthetic uses stainless steel with a brushed texture. This re-enforces the almost industrial quality you can expect out of any Black and Decker product.

The black parts go very well with the lustrous silver body. Overall, it fits very well into any color scheme if you are design conscious.

Although, the intake accepts 2 slices like most other toasters, this device goes a little bit further to ensure even heat distribution on each piece of bread.

The black & decker 2-slice toaster centers what you put inside of it so that there isn’t one side which may be receiving more heat than the other.

In addition to this, is the fantastic extra-wide profile of each slot. It’s a major pain having to force the toast into a toaster because the bread is too wide.

With the black and decker 2 slice toaster, you won’t have to worry about anything like that.

Every piece of reasonably sized toast will stay as far as possible from the sides, not to get burned and will always fit.

Complementing the precautions taken into account to ensure an even burn is the wide variety of heat options.

This toaster has 6 separate options for heat output which range from a nice browning to a more dark and crispy toast.

Whatever your personal taste is, you can be sure that the Black & Decker T2707S 2-Slice Stainless-Steel Toaster will deliver without burning the bread.

Best 2 Slice Toaster By Black & DeckerThere are also push-buttons which serve different functionalities. You can use these pre-set functions for de-frosting, bagels, re-heating, or canceling the operations altogether.

The wide range of options this device offers makes it a great all-in-one unit. You no longer need to rely on your microwave to de-frost bread, as this device will do it even better.

If you forget about the toast after heating it, no need to worry – set the device into re-heat mode and receive a reinvigorated piece of bread.

The additional properties of this device are all extremely good additions which should be on every toaster.

This includes an indicator light, which tells you the current heating function taking place, a crumb tray which slides out the bottom for very easy cleaning, and compact storage for the cord.

The Black & Decker T2707S 2-Slice Stainless-Steel Toaster takes every dilemma into consideration and delivers a very solid toaster at an amazing price.

Moreover, most retailers – including Amazon.com – will offer this device with a 1 year limited warranty for your convenience.


West Bend TEM500W Egg and Muffin Toaster

How much innovation can you potentially put into a toaster? All it really needs to do is apply heat to your bread products and give them a nice crispy texture.

Well, the West Bend TEM500W Egg and Muffin Toaster really went above and beyond when it comes to these devices.

First, it should be noted that regardless of how much this toaster can do, it still ends up looking very slick and presentable.

There is absolutely nothing wrong and out of place about putting this inside your home for all to see.

It’s a regular toaster on the back, but features an egg-cooker and a meat-warmer on the front which is really what elevates this product to the next level.

Since this is technically still a toaster for the most part, that aspect of this device should be talked about first.

West Bend TEM500W Egg and Muffin ToasterThe West Bend TEM500W Egg and Muffin Toaster features a very fluid temperature scale with a slider mechanism rather than those antiquated knobs on most toasters.

It may sound trivial, but it does provide a better feel and general look than having a knob sticking out the side.

Regardless of which temperature setting you choose, the toast will always come out with a nice even heat distribution – no un-toasted areas and no burns.

The egg cooker at the front is a stylish addition to the toaster as well as an extremely practical and versatile feature. It allows you to poach, scramble, or boil your eggs all the same.

This gives you a large space of experimentation because now you can have toast with a large variety of egg products without much hassle.

You might think that it’s useless because you have a stovetop already, but consider that even children can now make their own breakfasts with relative ease.

Not only that, but it also reduces a lot of the time you spend hopping around in the kitchen trying to multitask between the toaster and the stovetop.

Eggs are great and all, eggs with toast are better, but eggs with toast and meat are the best; vegetarians may skip this paragraph.

Make full breakfast sandwiches with the meat tray which re-heats and prepares pre-cooked meat products.

It is hidden underneath the egg cooker so if you don’t want meat, it’s very easy to ignore that functionality altogether.

If you love meat with your eggs however, then this machine really is a dream come true when it comes to how easy you can start your morning.

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The build quality on the West Bend TEM500W Egg and Muffin Toaster is simply spectacular.

It is very solid and built with more care than I’ve seen on other toasters, especially considering how much foresight must be taken to make this intricate contraption.

As far as safety goes, this toaster comes equipped with the ability to auto-shutdown when necessary.

Manual shutdown on the press of a button is also a possibility with the cancel button. This device draws 1200 watts, which is quite respectable.


Cuisinart is known world-wide for manufacturing kitchen and home appliances that stand the test of time. The Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker With Hot Water System is truly a coffee lover’s dream machine.

Built with a unique retro styling coupled with the latest high tech gizmos, it sure would be the center-piece of any modern-kitchen.

It brings back memories of the days of classic styling made with durable materials. The Cuisinart dcc-1200 coffee maker has a brushed metal exterior with modern controls and contains the finest in coffee brewing technology.

Review of the Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker With Hot Water SystemIncluded in this awesome coffeemaker, is a top-notch charcoal water filter. This unique water filter removes all the impurities from the water to ensure great tasting coffee.

Additionally, the brew master comes with a digital clock that can be programmed.

It has a twenty-four hours advanced brew setting, a self-cleaning solution, convenient automatic shutoff and loud audible beep to signal the end of the brew cycle. Apart from the coffee machine, there are 4 unique elements needed for the perfect cup of coffee.

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You need good Water Quality and the best Coffee Filters for any perfect brew. People tend to forget that coffee is 98% water and the quality, greatly influences the taste of the cup of coffee.

It’s generally agreed, that bad tasting water from the tap, will make bad tasting coffee, unless it is filtered before use.

The Cuisinart brew central has a built-in charcoal water filter, that removes chlorine, odors, bad tastes and other impurities thereby producing the tastiest cup of coffee every time.

The second element to a good cup of coffee is the coffee beans used. To get the same high quality you expect from a coffee shop, you need to buy the same type of coffee beans they use.

It’s better to buy the beans fresh and whole, not more than a two weeks supply at a time to ensure maximum freshness. Luckily, there are many online sources for the best coffee beans – here!

The third element needed for a great tasting cup of coffee is the grind style. The grinding of the coffee beans ensures what type of flavor it retains.

A medium fine grind is generally recommended if you have your own grinder at home. It’s easier to just buy the grounded coffee from the same source and do ask for or select only medium fine grind coffee beans.

The fourth element is the proportion of coffee beans used. The Cuisinart brew master measures five ounces.

You just need to add the amount of the grounded coffee beans that relates to the number of cups of coffee you desire.

Coffee Association of America does recommend two table-spoons of coffee for every six ounces of water used.

With the Cuisinart brew central dcc-1200, the recommended usage is one table-spoonful of grounded coffee for very cup desired.

It is better not to exceed fifteen table-spoonful of grounded coffee for the Cuisinart 12-cup brew master.

Cuisinart 12 cup programmable coffeemaker Features and Benefits

Comes with an easy to use LCD and simple controls. The digital clock gives the time of the day and also displays the set time for all automatic functions.

Designed with a reservoir cover that flips back to ensure easy filling.

The coffee carafe comes with height markings to use as a guide when filling it with water.

It’s better to add extra water to account for evaporation lost as steam during the coffee making process.

This brew master Cuisinart 1200, comes with a shower-head design that sprays water evenly over the fine coffee beans.

This helps to reduce the loss of steam temperature as water goes through the coffee grounds.

Built-in state of the art water charcoal-filter (first of it’s kind) that guarantees the perfect brew always.

The filter basket can use a permanent filter or a #4 paper filter.

This coffee brew master by Cuisinart is smart. Not only is it programmable, but you can also set the temperature for the brewed coffee until you’re ready.

Cuisinart coffee maker dcc 1200The Cuisinart brew central comes with a clean setting, that alerts you when the coffeemaker is in need of cleaning.

Cleaning involves removing the built up calcification in the water reservoir to help prolong the life of your brew master coffeemaker.

The Cuisinart carafe is designed with an easy pour feature and also comes with an ergonomic handle.

The Cuisinart brew central 12 cup – heating Plate, is built with black nonstick scratch resistant coating.

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Comes with a measuring scoop and easy to follow instructional booklet.

Comes is many different colors to choose from, like Purple, silver, red, pink, black, blue, orange!

Cuisinart brew master measure only 9.8 x 10.8 x 16.1 inches, and weighs only 8.2 lbs.

Your brew master comes with a full three-year limited warranty.

The dcc-1200 by Cuisinart is a true coffee drinkers machine, designed with simple but unique functionality that produces the perfect cup of coffee every-time.

It’s readily affordable for those that appreciate quality and durability all rolled into one perfect coffee maker. Get yours today for a DISCOUNTED PRICE, through the online retailer Amazon.com!

For Customer Reviews of the Cuisinart coffee maker dcc 1200 – Click Here!


7 of The Best Steam Irons Made By Rowenta

It’s safe to say that at least 97% of all American homes have one or two steam irons for taking out wrinkles. What about you? Are you in need of a good ironing system from a great brand?

In this review, I bring you some of the best Rowenta irons. Before we get to the product details, a brief historical reference about the company is appropriate.

A Brief History about Rowenta

The founding of this nimble and great company can be traced back to 1884 in Germany. Despite its reputation of been an innovative manufacturer, it was not until 1912 that the first Rowenta iron emerged.

At present, Rowenta irons dominate the industry with many models one can select from. After many years of research, in 1957 the firm gave us the first Rowenta steam generating iron to the amazement of all competitors.

This new steam iron tremendously changed the way we cared for our clothes. I am sure you’re aware of the German manufacturing superiority. Some of our best luxury goods come from this great country.

After more than 100 years of research and innovation, Rowenta is still the largest manufacturer of some of the most technologically advanced steam ironing system, and there are many industry awards to testify to that fact.

6 of the Best Rowenta Steam Irons

1 – Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence Auto-Off Steam Iron

This steam iron from Rowenta has the most appropriate name because it helps to conserve your energy.

The Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence Iron is designed to safe you at least 25% in energy cost, as compared to other top rated steam irons.

Rowenta DW6080 comes in a sleek black color, plus green detailing that gives it a modern look.

Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence Auto-Off Steam Iron

With a patented soleplate design called Microsteam400 3De, it has the ability to concentrate steam to just the fabrics. This is the feature that helps to reduce steam loss and water usage.

Not only does this steam iron from Rowenta feature an ergonomic design, it has rotary triggers that are suitable for both right and left handed users.

This product is made in Germany and the included steam optimization system can be used in three different settings.

The boost steam position is for when you need an extra burst of steam for hard or heavily wrinkled fabrics.

The Eco steam position allows the Rowenta iron to deliver the right amount of steam while also saving you money on energy cost. This is the preferred setting for must users.

It has a Dry steam setting, which can be used for delicate fabrics or you want finishing touches applied to your ironed garments.

2 – Rowenta DW8080

The Rowenta pro master iron model DW8080 is what the pros use because of its incredible 1700 watts of power.

This Professional ironing system is more than just a regular steam iron with all its many features. It has a metal plate that ensures the best heat shield.

The Soleplate is made from the best stainless steel and has an innovative precision tip.

Rowenta DW8080

DW8080 Pro Master Steam Iron is designed to deliver steam performance and best ironing results, all with less effort.

It has a three way shut-off feature that kicks-in automatically. In 8 minutes the steam iron will turn itself off, if left in the horizontal position.

Tipping the wrinkle remover over or not moving the device over your fabric for at least 30 seconds would trigger an automatic shut-off.

The tank is large enough to hold about 12.7 ounces of water for easy steam creation. The ergonomic design pleases both left and right hand users.

The Rowenta DW8080 steam iron has an Anti-Calc system, which contributes to the longevity of the product.

Best of all the features, is the Self Cleaning System. Flushing out any internal impurities due to unclean water used can be accomplished with just the push of a button.

Finally, it has a vertical steam setting, which is ideal for taking care of drapes or hanging garments.

Are Rowenta Irons Better?

Based on my personal experience, I would say some of their best models dominate the industry.

Have they manufactured some “duds” yes of course, but we did not include those models in our Rowenta irons reviews.

After much research, here are a few reasons why you should invest in a Rowenta ironing system:

Steam Generating – As you know proper steam from your hot iron makes the task of taking out wrinkles much easier.

The way the steam is distributed also plays a great role. Most Rowenta irons are made with durable Soleplates to enable the most efficient steam penetration, which then translates to better ironing results.

Heat Distribution – The top rated Rowenta irons we reviewed guarantees even distribution of the heat through the Soleplates, for quicker elimination of wrinkles from your clothes.

Easy Glide – What makes a good steam iron glide effortlessly is the type of steel used. Rowenta irons are made from some of the highest quality stainless steel.

If you invest in a Rowenta iron reviewed by us, you’ll experience the smoothest glide across your fabrics, as you watch the wrinkles disappear into thin air.

Regular Water – Since water is a precious resource with questionable quality all across the globe, Rowenta irons are designed to work efficiently with regular untreated water.

The water is instantly transformed into steam, all without leaking or spitting.

3 – Rowenta DW2070 Effective Comfort

The Rowenta effective comfort iron comes with 1600 Watts of raw power. It has a safety 3-way automatic shut-off system based on the position of the steam iron.

The embedded anti-calc system is designed to extend the life-span of the Rowenta iron model DW2070.

Apart from its ergonomic design, it has a well-placed thumb rest for the most comfort while ironing your garments.

Rowenta DW2070 Effective Comfort

The Soleplate is made from stainless steel, and has the best scratch resistant and non-stick properties. The 300 holes in the soleplate enable perfect steam distribution over your fabrics.

The included 7 foot electrical cord comes with 360 degree pivoting capability. The precision tip can help deliver steam to hard to reach areas of your garment.

You can use the variable steam feature to adjust the temperature to just the way you like it. The tank is built to hold about 8.45oz of water.

Within the Rowenta DW2070 Effective Comfort iron is a self-cleaning system that can eliminate all loose mineral deposits with just the push of a button.

The vertical steam setting is designed for use on drapes and hanging garments.

4 – Rowenta dw9150

The Rowenta DW9150 Master Steam Iron comes with 1750 watts of power. It has a three way auto shut-off feature for added safety.

This Rowenta iron will shut-off automatically when left unattended or tipped.

Not only is the Soleplate made from stainless steel, it also has scratch resistant properties.

Rowenta dw9150

Most users were impressed with the ergonomic feel of the ironing system from Rowenta. The product was described as having a soft handle and sure grip, for best ironing results.

The embedded tank is large enough to hold about 10oz. of water, for easier steam production.

Not only can the user get a burst of steam when needed, you can also use the vertical steam setting to handle hanging garments, drapes or curtains.

With the impurities in our water system, the embedded self-cleaning setting will eliminate all such loose mineral deposits with just the push of a button.

How to Clean a Rowenta Iron

To keep your Rowenta iron functioning optimally, you’re required to keep it clean internally and externally.

The best products to use are the Rowenta iron cleaner & Soleplates cleaning kit. Using the recommended products would also enhance your Rowenta iron’s warranty.

You need the following items before you get started cleaning your Rowenta iron:

Rowenta Cleaning solution
A dry clean towel
2 small clean wash cloths
Small bowl with water

Simple Instructions for Keeping the Soleplates Clean

A – Drain all the water inside your Rowenta iron. Plug our steam iron into your electrical outlet, and set the function to the “Cotton” setting.

B – To preserve your ironing board cover, spread a clean towel over it. You can now rest the small wash cloth on the ironing board.

C – Dispense the required amount of the Rowenta cleaning solution on the small wash-cloth and run the heated iron over it. It’s better to use circular motions for about a minute or two.

D – The Soleplate cleaning solution is formulated to remove any residue from the surface of your iron plate. Carefully wipe away any remaining fluids with the other wash cloth.

E – You need to add water to your Rowenta steam iron. Turn the setting to the “Burst of Steam” or “Steam” feature.

Run the hot iron over the towel to remove any remaining residue of the cleaning solution from the Soleplate.

Rowenta ZD100 soleplate cleaning kitIf your Rowenta iron comes with a self-cleaning feature, simply follow the included instructions for best results.

ZD100 Soleplate cleaning kit

The Rowenta ZD100 soleplate cleaning kit comes with a unique blend of cream that has the power to remove all the “junk” that attaches to your iron’s soleplate.

After much use, the Soleplate of your steam iron from Rowenta will contain burned on synthetics and detergent build up.

In your delivery package are the following items: One ounce tube of the soleplate cleaner, two clothes – one for applying the solution and the other for polishing. The best step by step guide is also included.

5 – Rowenta 5080

The Rowenta DW5080 Steam Iron is made to bring out the best aspects of your fabrics. This Rowenta iron is designed to deliver awesome steam power with its 1700 watts of raw power.

This product is manufactured in Germany, and has a Soleplate made from high quality stainless steel. With the included precision trim, you’re able to get needed steam in hard to reach areas of your garments.

Rowenta 5080

If you find digital settings annoying, this wrinkle remover has large thermostat knob, which makes it easier to control and read the settings.

With all the impurities in our water system, the included anti-calc system will eliminate them through the self-cleaning feature. The water tank will hold about 10oz. of fluids.

If you need a burst of steam no problem, this “baby” has it! With the vertical steam setting, one can easily handle drapes, curtains or hanging garments.

Rowenta 5080 has a soft touch, which offers the user a firmer grip when ironing clothes.


6 – Rowenta DW5197 Focus Steam Iron

This is the iron you would find in most high fashion establishments. Not only is it capable of delivery impressive heat and steam, the glide system is as smooth as can be.

This Rowenta iron has no auto shut-off feature, so try not to leave it unattended. It has a thermostat knob for easy manual settings of the needed temperature.

The embedded anti-Calc system is capable of removing any impurities that results from our dirty water system.

Rowenta DW5197 Focus Steam Iron

It has a precision trim, which makes it easier to deliver steam to areas of your garment like the pockets, collars, seams and around buttons.

Rowenta DW5197 Focus Steam Iron has 400 holes in the Soleplate for maximum steam distribution all across your fabric.

The self-cleaning feature will keep your Rowenta iron in tip top shape; all you have to do is push a button as included in the step by step guide.

The vertical steam setting is what you need for removing wrinkles from hanging drapes, curtains or garments.

7 – Rowenta DG5030 Pro Iron Steam Station

Rowenta DG5030 Pressure Iron & Steamer is unique in that it was made to deliver continuous steam for longer periods than most other clothes ironing systems.

If you have a large household or you need to iron heavily wrinkled garments, this is the Rowenta iron to purchase today. It has 1750-Watts of raw power!

This Rowenta iron model number DG5030 has a 33-oz. water tank, which can deliver continuous steam for at least 90 minutes.

Rowenta DG5030 Pro Iron Steam Station

The Soleplate is made from stainless steel and glides effortlessly over your fabrics.

Another great feature is the pressurized steam setting, which is capable of delivery steam that will penetrate your fabric quickly to smooth out tough wrinkles or create sharp creases.

This top rated Rowenta iron has a handle trigger that can be used to deliver steam on demand, without any waste.

Not only does it have an adjustable mechanism for the outputted steam, you’re able to make it conform to the weight of the fabrics you’re ironing.

The vertical steam setting is what you use for hanging drapes, curtains or garments.

If you iron a lot of clothes or just want professional garment wrinkle removal system at home, the Rowenta DG5030 Pro Iron Steam Station is the perfect choice from all the ones reviewed.

See it in Action in this Video


Rowenta iron warranty

All Rowenta irons are fully guaranteed for one whole year by the manufacturer. The company also has a website where you can find the latest owner’s manuals and detailed instructions of how to clean you Rowenta iron with approved products.

Rowenta irons on sale

Online is a big market-place, but we found the best site with the most discounted prices.

Here is a direct link – to the Rowenta irons on sale page!