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Cuisinart Compact Toaster Review: Model CPT-122

Sometimes simplicity is the best thing to strive for regarding technology and aesthetics. The Cuisinart Compact Toaster is a very simple device which is packed with all the features you need.

With a sleek white design, this toaster will look great amongst any other appliances you may have in your kitchen.

White compliments everything, but classy white compliments everything and then some.

With beveled edges and a nice profile, this toaster will serve as a great addition to your space.

It has a very compact and modern design and is accented with stainless steel elements which give it that refined and sophisticated look.

Cuisinart Compact Toaster Review: Model CPT-122What the Cuisinart CPT-122 Compact 2-Slice Toaster accomplishes perfectly is the challenge of accommodating 4 pieces of bread.

With the upgraded 4-slice model, this toaster is able to toast 4 pieces of bread all at once.

Other toasters either don’t have this option altogether or implement it in a semi-flawed way such as having 2 long sockets in which 4 pieces of bread can fit.

This model has 4 separate sockets which serve as separate compartments for each piece of bread you are toasting.

This is excellent as you can choose to use the device to its full 4 socket capacity or simply to stick with the traditional 2 bread functionality.

The temperature settings are extremely wide-ranging. With 7 different temperatures to choose from, you can dial in on the perfect shade of bread for you with the Cuisinart Compact Toaster.

Many other toasters only include around 5 options and sometimes even burn it at the higher end of this range.

This toaster offers a wider selection of temperatures in addition to not burning your toast even at the highest end of the scale.

With the Cuisinart toaster cpt-122 comes all of the usual functionality including the reheat, defrost, and bagel controls.

Since all of this is packed into one toaster, you can be sure that all of your frozen bread as well as the bread on your countertop can be toasted at the same time.

Both defrost and reheat options are great for either thawing or toasting or simply adding some heat to your cold and unappetizing bread products.

The bagel option is a way sure to always get you that perfectly crisp toast every time.

Sometimes, it’s the extras which make technology worth buying over a competing device.

The Cuisinart Compact Toaster has enough extra thought and consideration put into it to make this something worth looking into at the very least.

With extra-wide slots for your bread, it is a sure thing that even the thickest and most irregular pieces will get in there snugly without touching the sides and getting overly toasted.

The crumb tray which can be removed at the bottom is also a major advantage when trying to keep the toaster clean and maintained.

It may look plain on your counter top, but what else do you honestly need in a toaster?

With all of the regular features plus the considerable perfection which went into the 4-slot model, you won’t be disappointed. It will toast your bread, and it will toast it evenly without burns.


Hamilton Beach is a very reputable brand in the household appliances market. This product in particular is quite a high-end electric can opener.

It may sound like you don’t need it, especially when you can buy a cheap plastic manual one for a few bucks.

The fact is that you’re wrong; most of those cheap can openers break after less than a year.

These automatic can openers – especially ones made by Hamilton Beach – are very rugged, sturdy, and reliable.

They also have more intricate mechanics and sharper blades which makes the cut safer to touch and extremely smooth.

The Hamilton Beach 76607 Smooth Touch Can Opener is a fine addition to any kitchen.

Hamilton Beach 76607 Smooth Touch Can Opener The visual appeal of this can opener is quite brilliant. The Hamilton beach can opener 76607 goes for a more square approach rather than the usual cylindrical shape.

It feature the top handle which also isn’t seen on other can openers.

The product is a mix of black and chrome colors which have always went extremely well together and provide that polished and refined look. Overall, the design is flawless and attractive.

Opening cans is what this machine is made to do, and it does it very well.

The Hamilton beach smooth-touch can opener with scissors opens cans of all sizes as long as they are big enough to fit underneath it.

While the can is being processed, the extra weight does not make this product unbalanced – it still feels just as sturdy as before.

The variety of cans this device operates on is virtually limitless, it includes pop-top cans.

The sophisticated cutting system used in this machine leave you with fantastic cuts every time. It is known as side-cutting and it leaves your fresh cuts smooth and without any sharpness.

If you haven’t cut yourself on the edge of a cut can then consider yourself lucky – they go deep.

But there is no need to worry with this contraption, as it just slightly folds in the edges for you to make them less dangerous.

At the same time, having a great blade which cuts very well is a distinct advantage as well.

If you’ve ever needed a little bit of extra storage and utility out of a regular household appliance, this can opener has it.

With stainless-steel scissors and a little storage slot included within this appliance, you will be able to put whatever is necessary into storage.

This could include a rag to clean your blade with every time you use it, for example.

This can opener is a great addition to the spectacular lineup Hamilton Beach already offers.

It’s very well built and will last you for years to come. The Hamilton Beach 76607 Smooth Touch Can Opener has a great blade which will cut through your canned products without any resistance.

It’s relatively quiet so it won’t shake your home while doing the job. Your cans will never cut you with the specialized fold-in cutting system.

This product’s additional scissors and storage space also come in handy when you need it most.


Most people take electricity for granted by wasting much of it. While the pricing for your electric current is priced in cents, the cost quickly adds up.

So in an effort to save some money on your light utility bill, you should consider getting the Honeywell Econoswitch programmable light switch.

This Honeywell timer has versatility features designed to work with motors and different kinds of lighting fixtures.

In this Honeywell RPLS740B Review, you’ll see how this light switch timer has easy to understand 3-button interface.

The included wires are clearly labeled, thus making installation and programming as easy as can be.The Honeywell Econoswitch RPLS740B 7-Day Programmable Switch is designed to update Daylight saving time automatically.

Honeywell Econoswitch RPLS740B 7-Day Programmable Switch Review

Honeywell 7-day Programmable Timer Features:

3 Modes for Security and Convenience. Within the light switch are three unique operating modes you can use to make your lighting conform to your lifestyle. The three actives modes within the rpls740b are:

Automatic mode – is designed to turn on your lights at sunset, and instantly off at sunrise. The device uses the embedded solar time-table.

You can over-ride the timetable by using fixed hours setting for even bigger savings in your electric bill.

Manual mode – This is the mode that lets you use the light timer as a regular switch.

Random Mode – The random mode works just like the name states, randomly. If you’re away on vacation, this mode will stimulate the look of an active household by turning the lights on and off at determined intervals.

Most people looking from the outside would have no clue no one is at home.

Comes With 7 Customizable Programs. The included Solar time-table comes with flexibility features, which allows you to implement your own programs for the week.

You’re able to make a single program apply just for one day or the entire week.

With the Honeywell Econoswitch programmable light switch you’re in control of lights to turn on or off, and at what time.

The customizable options will work flawlessly with fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen lighting systems.

Best of all, the manual settings can always be used to turn on or off your lights without changing the status of the program settings.

Within the timer is an automatic adjustment for daylight saving time.

Solar Timetable Function. You’re in control of how the solar time-table activates your lights. The solar feature can be adjusted to reflect the unique aspect of your local area.

Honeywell RPLS740B ReviewIf you find that sunrise within your vicinity is delayed due to tall trees, you can adjust the timetable accordingly.

Best Slim Design. It has a compact design, and will compliment just about any modern home.

This light monitoring device for homes is sleek and has a subtle touch that will have your visitors wanting to know more about what it does.


It has the following dimensions of 1.5 x 1.8 x 8.7 inches, and you would be able to see the programmed settings on the push button switch.

Easy Installation. This Honeywell 7-day programmable timer is designed to flush fit any conventional decorative wall-plate.

It has a backlight feature, and the 3-button interface makes it very easy to install your programming schedule. With the backlit you should be able to see clearly the wide-screen even at night-time.

The LED feature provides instant confirmation of its off/on status. The installation diagram shows you exactly what to do with the line, neutral and load wires.

Trust me; the installation would not be a problem with the detailed instructions and diagrams included with your purchase.

Can the Honeywell rpls740b Save You Money?

Honeywell RPLS740B Review Outside lightsThe answer is, definitely yes! If you put the control of the lights in your home to this device, you would get your investment dollars back in just one year.

The electric current been wasted in your household is costing you hundreds of dollars, or perhaps thousands of dollars every year.

I am sure you have other things you can do with that extra savings, rather than making the utility company rich off your hard earned cash.

green checkmarkBEST PRICES LINK

Warranty Information

This programmable switch timer from Honeywell comes with a one year limited warranty against any factory defects.

I am a firm believer in reading existing customer reviews before buying any product online or at your local hardware store.

The current customer reviews is just as impressive, with an astounding 96% approval rating. You can read some of the reviews – here!

Inside your delivery package are the following items: The main switch, all the connector wires you’ll need, and detailed diagrammed instructions.


DBTech Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner Review

For those who are looking at an environmentally safe way to rid their home of pests, clean their vehicles and countertops and works on garments as well, the all-in-one DB tech multi purpose steam cleaner may be the answer for you.

What is the DBTech Multi-Steam Cleaner?

DBTech Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner ReviewThis is a small, portable indoor and outdoor steam cleaner that produces a directed amount of steam to clean items and rid the home of pesky insects as well. It is a high pressure steam cleaner that is relatively simple to use and offers many features as well.


– 1050W Heating System
– Short, 3-minute warm-up time
– 210 Degree Tip
– 12′ Power Cord
– Holds 6 oz. of Water
– Cleans, Removes Stains, and Rids the Home of Certain Insects


– Funnel
– Squeegee Attachment
– Measuring Cup
– Towel Sleeve
– Bent, Door & Long Spray Nozzle
– Round Brush & Flexible Extension Hose


There are a number of advantages that the DBTech home steam cleaner offers that will make it useful in your everyday life.

Steam Cleans the Small Areas of the Home: This product can be used in a number of different ways to steam clean the home. From fabrics to hard surfaces, this is one powerful, portable steam cleaner.

Rids the Home of Insects: Steam cleaning has been proven environmentally safe and effective in ridding the home of the following pests;

– Bed Bugs
– Ear Mites
– Pet Mange
– Skin Parasites
Lice, Nits and Scabies Mites

Clean Garments: You can safely steam clean your garments with this unit, making it perfect to remove wrinkles and freshen up your wardrobe quickly and easily.

Clean Hard Surfaces: In addition, you can clean a number of hard surfaces in an environmentally safe manner using this product. You can use on vehicles, boats, sinks, stoves, windows, countertops and shower doors. Any hard surface that has a high temperature resistance can benefit from being cleaned using this steamer.

Environmentally Safe: Because only tap water is used, the steam is perfectly safe and contains no toxic substances. This is the perfect way to clean your home and protect your family at the same time.

Why Should You Buy the DBTech Multi Steam Cleaner?

DBTech Multi-Steam Cleaner There is little doubt that the cleaning power of this steamer is considerable. The lightweight design, powerful steam and multi-purpose use makes it invaluable around the home for cleaning up a number of items as well as ridding your home of unwanted pests.

However, the most compelling reason is its effectiveness. The DBTech Multi-Steam Cleaner offers homeowners a way to power through the grit and grime that can be found in the kitchen and bathroom, returning the appearance of tile and countertops to their like-new condition.

Tile grout which can be quite difficult to scrub out now lifts out much easier thanks to the concentration of steam.

High temperature steam is a powerful cleaner, but there is the need for care when using this product so that any accidents can be avoided.

Wearing gloves is recommended as well as long sleeve shirts if possible. Plus, do not use on any item that has a low melting point.

For those who want an environmentally safe way to clean the items in their home, the DB tech multi purpose steam cleaner is definitely the one to get.


Gowise USA Slim Digital Bathroom Scale Review

Many people attempting to get in shape merely track their overall weight, but that might not be telling the whole story.

There’s a lot more to reaching your fitness goals than just a simple weight reading.

For folks that are looking to track their overall health and fitness progress the Gowise USA slim digital bathroom scale is an excellent option that really helps to track progress over multiple readings and is also accurate and reliable for simple weight readings.

The Gowise scale uses a Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) to track a person’s overall fitness through body weight, body fat, muscle mass, bone density and hydration levels.

It sends a specific electrical impulse through your body and measures any resistance that it meets.

It can then calculate your specific levels of water, fat, bone and muscle from this reading.

Gowise USA Slim Digital Bathroom Scale Review

This is important because fitness is more than just a number on the scale. The more muscle mass you have, the more you weigh.

This best digital bathroom scale allows you to track factors like muscle mass to ensure your overall body fat percentage is where you want it to be.

The Gowise scale also offers an “Athlete Mode” for those who have higher percentages of muscle mass overall.

Traditional scales may tell these people that they are technically overweight when really they are just more muscular than the average.

Tracking your progress is much more accurate with a scale like this that gives you multiple readings to look at and analyze.

Not only does the Gowise scale track multiple statistics, it can be programmed for up to 8 different users.

This allows everyone in your home to be able to track their progress simultaneously without a lot of hassle.

The scale recognizes each user automatically and gives past data so that you can track progress.

This is a very useful tool when getting in shape and can really help your fitness transformation. The Gowise scale is well-made and sturdily built.

It offers a tempered glass platform that is stable and comfortable, plus an LED display that is easy to read.

“Step On” technology allows users to simply get up on the scale to get a reading without pressing any additional buttons, and the touch switches for programming are easy to use.

The functionality of this scale is above average, and reading are accurate.

The only flaw in this scale is that it is not the most attractively designed scale on the market.

The tempered glass is a nice material, but the black color and BIA chrome panels are not the most modern or the easiest to match to existing bathroom decor.

On the plus side, though is the slim design of the scale. The base is wide and stable for ease of use, but it is surprisingly light and slim.

Gowise has created a really powerful, ergonomic, slim scale that can give you better readings and more motivation than a simple weight scale alone can, and for about the same price.

If you are looking to improve your overall fitness levels instead of just dropping weight the BIA tool is a must-have.

This best digital bathroom scale holds up well over time and can really change your outlook on weight and fitness.


Withings Wireless Scale WS-30

If you’re in the market for a scale that truly helps you to lose weight by accurately and effectively tracking your weight, then the Withings wireless scale WS-30 is the perfect piece of weighing equipment for you.

This is one of the most advanced scales on the market, offering many unique features that are both highly functional and easy to use and understand.

It goes far above and beyond a basic bathroom scale, and it is the perfect tool to compliment any weight loss program.

Getting an accurate weight with the Withings wifi body scale is very easy.

Withings Scale Review: Model WS-30 BlackIt automatically calibrates itself between weigh-ins and is ready for you the moment you step on the deck, displaying your weight automatically.

It can also make sure you are standing properly for accurate measurement with the Position Control technology.

The less variance in your weighing habits, the better your results, and with Position Control you can be sure you’re measuring the same way each and every time.

Every little bit counts when you’re losing weight, and being able to monitor and track those tiny changes can really help you achieve success over time.

The Withings scale can measure up to 396 pounds accurately and it can automatically remember up to 8 users based on just your weight alone, no complicated programming.

Where the Withings scale really stands out is with the wireless technological integration features.

The scale automatically and wirelessly sends the information on your personal weight profile that tracks your progress through the Withings Health Companion app.

From your wireless device or iPad you can monitor and track your weigh-ins so that you can stay accountable and reach your goals.

You can even publish your results to Facebook and Twitter for even more social accountability.

Or if you prefer you can make your personal readings private so that even other users of the scale cannot access your weight readings.

Either way, this is one of the most useful features offered by any bathroom digital scale on the market.

Being able to see your progress in the form of a chart over time can really maximize your results and give you the motivation it takes to keep losing weight and reaching your goals.

The scale itself is a durable, quality product. It comes with the 4 AAA batteries required for use, and since it uses simple AAA batteries there is no hassle when replacing them.

The large display features back-lit, easy-to-read, easily visible numbers.

The Withings scale comes with carpeted feet so that you can be sure not to damage your floors, and the simple yet modern and sleek design is perfect for any bathroom decor.

Overall this bathroom wifi body scale is perfect for tracking, monitoring and pushing your weight loss in the right direction.

The seamless integration with your wireless device is slick, and it really adds the extra motivating factor needed when losing weight.

If you’re serious about losing weight, this is the right scale to get. It does more than just show a number, it fully integrates into your regimen to put you on the path to success.


Ozeri Touch 440 lb Digital Bath Scale Review

The Ozeri Touch is a cool scale that not only features accurate weight measurements, it can help you track your overall fitness progress with hydration, bone density, muscle and body fat measurements.

I’ve previously purchased a basic Ozeri scale, and as I got more into my weight loss program I decided to get this scale for more advanced measurements.

I haven’t been disappointed. It measures very accurately and helps me to stay motivated by tracking more than just my weight.

The Ozeri touch 440 lb digital bathroom scale scale has 4 super accurate, high precision G sensors that can measure up to 440 pounds.

Ozeri Bathroom Scale Review: Model ZB13-W2 Ozeri touch 440 lbIt also sends a harmless electrical current through your body. The current meets resistance in your body from water, and this reading can be used to calculate body fat levels, bone and muscle density and hydration.

This give you a much better picture of overall fitness, especially if you are athletic and lift weights.

For me, once I lost the weight I needed to and started getting into weight lifting and building muscle my weight went back up.

But it wasn’t fat, it was muscle. A regular scale can’t track that, so this Ozeri scale really helped me to see the progress I was making that wasn’t showing up in overall weight numbers.

With this scale you can also set up to 8 profiles so that every member of your family can use it simultaneously, and it remembers you automatically without a lot of work.

I found it easy to program. The manual was really clear, and as long as you follow it you’re good to go.

The scale is also really well built and attractive. The glass platform looks really expensive with a nice reflective surface.

The glass is tempered and impact resistant, and you can feel that it is sturdy. I’ve picked up this scale and moved it around quite a few times and it is surprisingly durable for something made out of glass.

The sensors that send out the electrical impulse are chrome finished, and they actually look really cool to me.

The display is also large and easy to read with bright blue numbers on a 3.5 inch LCD screen.

I think the appearance of this scale is better than similar models I’ve seen so far and mine looks great in my bathroom.

My favorite thing about the Ozeri touch 440 lb digital bath scale is the ability to track more than just weight.

It is accurate for that, but having the extra metrics is really useful for a weight loss program, especially if you do lift weights or workout a lot.

I can be frustrating to end up gaining weight when you build muscle, but this scale allows you to track that too and not get frustrated.

I’ve been very pleased with the way my Ozeri touch scale has held up so far.

I use it daily as does my husband, and it has showed no signs of wear and tear. Ozeri makes a great product and they have great customer service to boot.

I would definitely recommend this scale for monitoring fitness progress.


I decided to order the Smart Weigh DVS250 Vanity Series High Precision Body Scale after falling in love with the unique design, but it is also a really powerful and accurate tool for tracking weight.

It is made from quality materials, is sturdy and strong and is durable and reliable for the long haul. I would definitely recommend the Smart Weight scale for all of your basic weight measuring needs.

My favorite feature of this scale is the unique design. It has a transparent, high tempered glass platform that is extremely strong and stable, and it also feature a cool black design that wraps around the top and accents the display panel.

Smart Weigh DVS250: Is One of The Best Body Weight ScalesIt looks seamless, and it actually makes the scale easier to read by making the LCD digits pop out from the dark background.

This is good for me because I weight myself a lot of times without my glasses on after I take out my contacts.

So I really like that feature. I also think this black and glass design looks expensive and designer instead of just a plain, boring glass or plastic unit.

It really fits into the existing decor of my bathroom, especially because I have black light fixtures and a black framed mirror.

In addition to being modern looking the materials are sturdy. It is not considered industrial or heavy-duty, but it is tough.

The glass feels unbreakable honestly, which really surprised me. I’ve never had a glass scale before and I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t be strong enough, but i was wrong.

It actually feels more stable and steady than a plastic scale despite looking more elegant. I’ve had to move this scale before when cleaning and it is strong enough to move around.

I guess the most important feature is that this scale is accurate. It can measure up to 330 pounds, or you can convert it to kilograms or stones for whatever your needs are.

It records increments to 0.2 pounds, and it stays accurate for the life of the product.

I’ve had mine for a few months now and I’ve noticed that it really holds its measurements.

I’ve even played the game of getting on and off a few times (on those days when you wish that number wasn’t real), and it still records the same number no matter what (to my dismay).

I’ve also noticed that the readings end up being pretty much dead-on with the numbers I get from the Doctor’s office.

Overall this is a great basic scale. It doesn’t offer advanced features or anything extraordinary, but the design and the accuracy are outstanding themselves.

It is also very sturdy and durable. Mine doesn’t show any wear after a few months of use, even though I use it daily.

It’s also easy to clean if you step onto it with dirty feet (which I’ve done, it’s a breeze to clean).

If you need a basic best body fat scale for weighing yourself but want something more fun, modern and stylish then this is a perfect choice.


Clean, functional, and elegant are good standards to live by. This is exactly what the Proctor Silex Plus 76370P Extra-Tall Can Opener stands for.

It is a solid white color which would look quite plain if it wasn’t so tall. It is extremely functional, even for the thickest and tallest cans.

It can hold the heftiest cans and promptly cut them up with more than adequate force.

What you are left with is a very clean cut without any kind of inexcusable metal shavings.

Review of Proctor Silex Electric Can Opener: Model 76370PIt will always cut your cans on first attempt, and you will almost surely be pleased with the general speed and performance of this can opener.

The cutting assembly itself is made of durable material and can easily be unattached for easy cleaning.

This is an especially great ability as many of these can cutters get very dirty after a while.

Not only does it look plain ugly to have the cutting surface covered in tomato sauce, but it also spreads germs into other uncontaminated food.

Cleaning the cutter on other can openers is a major pain to say the least. With the Proctor Silex Plus 76370P, all you have to do is remove it and put it into your dish washer; it’s never been easier.

For your additional convenience, there is a mounted knife sharpener on this can opener.

While you are cooking something up and opening cans, you will have to keep your knives sharp.

The Proctor Silex Plus 76370P Extra-Tall Can Opener allows you to easily sharpen without the need to take out additional equipment.

While you open cans, you can just as easily sharpen your blade.

Many customers complain about the grinding sound a lot of can openers make.

This one in particular runs quietly which is really pleasant. It’s not going to shake the whole house or annoy your neighbors with that horrible metal shredding sound.

The reason for the sound reduction is that not only does this device cut better and cleaner – therefore creating less noise – but it also has very good build quality to isolate the loud parts.

While opening cans on the Proctor Silex Can Opener, you will notice that the device has a very strong grab which makes it easy to just initiate the process while you multitask.

The can locks on to the cutting mechanism and does the work all on its own.

You can go ahead and sharpen your knife or get another component of your food ready without having to worry about the can opener making a mess.

If you’ve broken countless can openers in the past and are looking for a change towards something better, look no further.

This can opener is not only very modern and clean looking without any unnecessary extras, but it is also very functional.

Any kind of can you may have lying around the house can easily be opened with this contraption.

You won’t have to struggle in your kitchen trying to open up a can with your dull manual opener which may break in the process.

Switch to the automatic Proctor Silex Plus 76370P Extra-Tall Can Opener to save yourself a whole lot of trouble.


Manual can openers are a thing of the past. With strong and reliable motors being available at extremely cheap prices, automatic can openers should be considered as an alternative.

The West Bend 77203 Electric Can Opener is extremely beautiful and has a very elegant shape, available in multiple colors to suite your surroundings.

It has a very nice build quality, being constructed out of aluminum, chrome, and plastic.

This best rated electric can opener is built to be extremely heavy duty and able to withstand years of strenuous use.

Best Rated Electric Can Opener: West Bend Model 77203This can opener is very slim and quite tall; therefore, it can accommodate taller than usual can sizes. The greatest features surrounding many devices are the extras.

We all know what a simple can opener can do for you, but the West Bend Electric Can Opener brings even more to the table.

It features a mounted knife sharpener and bottle opener. This makes everything more compact and streamlined.

If you need to slice something up to go with your canned goods, take out your knife and sharpen it really quickly on the device’s back.

After you’re done, crack open a beer or any other bottle on the back of the can opener.

Nobody likes the cutting blade getting all dirty. It is extremely unsanitary as the food eventually gets caked onto the metal and contaminates every other can.

The West Bend Electric Can Opener 77203 has a pretty unique solution to this problem.

While it takes about two minutes to clean the blade of other can openers, you can easily just take the cutting accessory off this appliance and put it into your washing machine.

This either requires a screwdriver or is completely impossible on other can openers.

If manual cleaning is what you prefer, that is very easy too, and only takes around a minute to get a nice spotless clean.

West Bend as a company is a great choice because of their customer support. Many devices go with the planned obsolescence model, so you have to keep buying their equipment.

West Bend is quite unique because it sells parts for their products, including the West Bend Electric Can Opener.

No longer do you have to worry about one of your parts breaking, simply contact the company and get a new part for replacement.

If the whole product happens to break, West Bend also offers a 1 year limited warranty, so no worries there either.

The electrical cord easily stows away inside this device if you need to store or move it. Just roll up the cord and stash it within the can opener.

Automatic shutoff is often a big request on these devices, and the West Bend 77203 Electric Can Opener did not forget to deliver.

It shuts off by itself after it stops being used for a while.

With all the cool things this can opener brings to your kitchen plus how well it does all the ordinary tasks, it’s hard to overlook this product as an option.

It looks very stylish, performs well, and will last you a long time.