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2 of the Best Pineapple Corer and Slicer

Here is the reviews of the two best pineapple corer slicer you can find online:

1 – Danny’s World Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy Slicer and Corer

Pineapple is one of those fruits that become an acquired taste. I had my fair share of this lovely fruit during my honeymoon in Hawaii, and from then on I always go out of my way to get one or two every week. If you are a keen pineapple eater, then you will realize just how frustrating and difficult cutting pineapples yourself can be.

Danny's World Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy Slicer and Corer

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Using a knife, it can be a little bit tough and you have to be mightily careful throughout the cutting process in case you get your hand rather than the pineapple! One of the best tools to use is the Danny’s World Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy Slicer and Corer. Not only is the tool durable because it’s made of steel, but it also cost less than $7.

Anybody who uses a knife will know just what we are talking about, especially once you get the skin of the pineapple off. As soon as that is removed, the skin is much slippier leaving you with even more of a mission to get the job done.

Using a knife can be an extremely time consuming process, as well as a little bit dangerous depending on your knife proficiency. Thankfully, this Danny’s World product has changed all of that for me. It does all of the grunt work you would be taking care of yourself with ease. Simply position the cutter over the core of the pineapple and apply a little bit of pressure as you turn the slicer into the pineapple itself.

The process is easier to master than using a knife yourself, and makes much less of a mess in the end. It might take you a few tries to get a hang of it, but once you do it right once you will be set!

All you need to do once the cutting is done is remove the handle and slide of each of the pineapple slices into a container. The juice can be poured into a glass and enjoyed later on. This Danny’s World product offers a cost-effective and simple solution to the usual humdrum which comes with delivering a well cut and clean pineapple.

With this tool, you can have stockpiles of pineapples for the weeks and months to come – just store them in the freezer! If you are a lover of pineapple and are sick of the dance you need to do every time you want to open one up and have a few slices, then this slicer is the best place to start out.

For the price, it offers you a long-term solution and a time saving exercise when you are in the kitchen, allowing you to just push in the slicer and have as much pineapple as you possibly need! Do not let the low price fool you, the Danny’s World Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy Slicer and Corer is just a s efficient in giving you very nicely sliced pineapples just like the higher priced models.

2 – OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer Review

Whole pineapples have always been both hard to serve yet extremely delicious. The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer is a fantastic solution which makes the process just as easy as enjoying the final pineapple product. This slicer is equipped with superior features and build quality relative to the large majority of other plastic pineapple slicer alternatives.

This device will simultaneously core and slice pineapples with ease. The pineapple shell will be kept intact while the good bits get cut out, all the while being separated from the core. What this product leaves you with are nice round individually cut circles of pineapple.

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer Review

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The exclusive features of this OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer are probably the first thing which should be mentioned. On the front-facing side of the device, you will find three numbers with black lines underneath them. These serve as a guide markers signaling where the pineapple ends so you stop can cutting before reaching the very end.

The idea is to see which number on the slicer is closest to the top of the pineapple and stop cutting once the pineapple flesh reaches that point during the slicing procedure. It may sound simple – and it is – but it’s very helpful and serves as a guideline which prevents you from accidentally cutting out the bottom.

Another noteworthy feature is the wrench-like mechanics included in the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer. This is really something special, it’s a feature which I believe sets it apart from many competitors in this market. The wrenching feature allows the user to rotate the cutter itself while the handle never has to make a full 360 degree rotation – much like how a wrench works.

This in turn keeps you from always having to re-position your hands. Not only will your experience be much faster, but the pressure you exert on the pineapple will be consistent. The ratcheting action combined with the super ergonomic grip is a real pleasure.

The build quality on this pineapple slicer is also superior to other pineapple slicing products. The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer’s body is completely composed of stainless steel. The handle is still plastic, but it’s very sturdy, firm, and comfortable to grip. The blade’s design takes into consideration many factors such as pineapple shape as well as compactness for storage.

Some pineapple slicers miss the mark because they include parts of the core or they miss a large portion of good pineapple at the sides. This device is both compact enough to fit easily into your storage space nicely and it will not include any unwanted spots with most pineapples.

The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer is one of the better pineapple slicers I’ve seen on the market. Many of these contraptions do have stainless steel builds, but the ratcheting feature, smart blade design, and depth counters make this product really stand out.

Oxo pineapple slicer functions very well in practice and doesn’t make a mess at all. If you are looking for a feature-rich, well-built, and fully functional pineapple processing product, this is for you.


Best Breadmakers – 3 Top Picks & Reviews

If you like to make your own bread or pizza dough, we found three of the best breadmakers you can own for less. Brands within this bread machine ratings are; Zojirushi home bakery virtuoso breadmaker, sunbeam bread machine 5891 and Breadman Tr2500bc.

3 of the Best Bread Machines Reviews

1 – Zojirushi Bb-Pac20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker 120 Volts

The Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker 120 Volts is a remarkably effective, dynamic and powerful bread maker. With the ability to not only cook delicious loaves of bread, but also render delicious easy to make pastries of all kinds, this amazing Breadmaker that produces incredible bread consistently and repeatedly is an absolutely fantastic product.

Zojirushi Bb-Pac20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker 120 Volts

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Anyone who enjoys bread and pastries and wants to make their own homemade goodies, or anyone with a passion or even fleeting interest in baking really needs to add this to their kitchen arsenal and therefore add delicious breads and pastries to their baking repertoire.

This bread maker Zojirushi is remarkably easy to use, time fi cent, and very powerful. With a huge array of operating systems and a very high quality it is far and away one of the best home bread makers on the market, blowing away all other competition in a landslide.

With very little problems in design and function as well a host of dramatically useful settings, this bread maker is the industry standard and seems to be the model of quality that all other bread makers are trying to reach.

It is powerful while even also allowing for a huge diversity of different breads and pastries and really recommends itself as a high quality, low risk investment. Seriously, anyone who eats bread regularly and loaves baking needs to add this to their kitchen. With the multitude of types of bread and pastries this machine allows you to cook palates can be expanded and enriched.

The only downside to this product is as far as home bread makers go this is much more on the expensive side than many other bread makers. At about $253 it’s no cheap meal and is certainly more of luxury product.

However there is no doubt that what is being paid for is a huge jump in quality from any other brands and hugely more powerful and dynamic machine. Many bread makers allow only for simple loaves to be cooked while this one facilitates a diversity of breads and pastries which alone may very well be worth the price.

The stamina, and the superpower consistency the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker 120 Volts provides is absolutely world class and the product earns every single penny of its steep cost.

The machine is incredibly easy to use, provides incredibly simple instruction and results in amazingly perfectly cooked breads. Every particle of this Zojirushi bb-pac20 is finely an durably made and it seems like thousands of loaves can be cooked before the machine shows any signs is wear and tear at all. The quality and consistency of the breads this bread maker produces are unwavering and this bread maker is superb.

2 – Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker

Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker

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In the event that you are on a tight plan, or if this is your first bread machine and you would prefer not to spend excessively, this model is the best decision. You can’t argue the cost, and analysts say it offers a considerable measure for the cash, including 12 bread capacities, three bread sizes and three outside layer inclination.

A few clients, nonetheless, report execution issues, for example, weak or dry bread. In the wake of testing various bread machines, editors at The Wall Street Journal note that some of the time this model’s chunks have “sunken middles.”

Nevertheless, numerous commentators say the issue is less the machine but rather more the formulas included in the direction manual, and some encourage its best to utilize distinctive formulas for better outcomes.

A fundamental, instinctive machine. Most commentators say the Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker is not difficult to utilize and simple to clean.

A few clients report that the Sunbeam bread machine 5891 jolts or vibrates on the counter when being used. Others grumble of granulating commotions, which one client says is because of an excessively dry dough ball, and suggest adding water to offer assistance.

3 – The Breadman Tr2500bc Ultimate Plus: A Top Notch Bread Maker

If you are looking for a way to bake delicious, high-quality bread in the comfort of your own home, look no further than the Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2 Pound Stainless Steel Convection Bread Maker. By using this product, you too can create all sorts of loaves in your home, including all kinds of gourmet bread, meatloaf, cake, and many other things as well.

Without a home bread maker, people typically have to go to a grocery store to buy loaves of bread. When you have a Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2 Pound Stainless Steel Convection Bread Maker, you can bake up a loaf of delicious bread in a short time, and eliminate the need to go to the store.

The Breadman Tr2500bc Ultimate Plus: A Top Notch Bread Maker

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So what exactly does a bread maker do? True to the name, it bakes bread. But instead of having to combine the ingredients from scratch and bake it in the oven laboriously, a bread maker makes loaves of bread in a small space much quicker.

Home bread makers are perfect for families. For instance, a family can cook cinnamon raisin bread for breakfast, then put in a loaf of garlic bread to eat with dinner later that night. The possibilities for delicious, nutritious, high-quality, two-pound loaves of bread are literally endless.

It’s never been easier to cook bread from the comfort of your own home than it is now with the Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2 Pound Stainless Steel Convection Bread Maker. Simply read the directions, buy the proper ingredients, and follow the directions, and before you know it you will have some amazing loaves of bread to enjoy.

Having a bread maker in a home is perfect for any household. Sometimes, baking bread can even become a fun family project. The Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2 Pound Stainless Steel Convection Bread Maker makes it easy to create all sorts of kinds of bread including sourdough, garlic bread, cinnamon raison bread, banana bread, and a bevy of other interesting flavors and creations.

At the end of the day, before you buy any bread maker it is important to make sure it can do exactly what you want it to. This product makes baking bread, easy, fun, and exciting, and once you try it out and start baking delicious two pound loaves of your favorite bread, there is a good chance you will start recommending it to anyone and everyone you come in contact with.

After all, baking bread is not supposed to be an inherently enjoyable experience, but when you use a Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2 Pound Stainless Steel Convection Bread Maker, baking bread is not a job-it’s an experience.


The Amazing Legend Of Jim James Bowie Knife

Everyone has heard of the famous bowie knife, even if they don’t really know what type of weapon it is. The Bowie knife is a sheath knife designed specifically for fighting. Its fixed blade is typically very large for a knife. They feature a menacing design attached to a cross guard on the handle.

They also frequently feature a clip point, a design which predates the use of Colonel James Bowie. Often times referred to as “Jim” Bowie, the man popularized the use of these fighting knives in the Sandbar fight.

This Epic piece of American bowie knife history isn’t as well known in popular culture as it should be. The trouble began when friends of James Bowie saw a group of gentlemen of whom they didn’t approve. Words were exchanged followed by gun shots.

Even after being shot several times and stabbed in the chest, the colonel fought valiantly with his knife. He survived the infamous sandbar fight but two other men did not. The tough reputation of colonel James Bowie began to grow. The man’s sternum deflected the blade of a cane pole.

Jim James Bowie Knife

This injury would have mortally wounded most men but Bowie survived. Doctors were baffled by the wounds which Bowie survived and so were people who heard the story. This is how the man’s name became synonymous with one of the most effective close quarters combat weapons in history.

The invention of gun powder has reduced the role of knives as effective combat weapons. However, the legend of James Jim Bowie has kept the Bowie knife relevant in modern times. Perhaps the gory details of the sandbar fight have hurt its reputation over time. However, when you mention original bowie knife, people automatically think of a serious weapon.

Today, most people who own bowie knives simply have them as a part of a collection. Some of the more elaborate bowie knives make an excellent centerpiece to a knife collection.

Everything from marble to solid gold has been used to create the handles of custom bowie knife. Of course the best feature of the knife is the glistening blade.

These knives have outgrown the legend of the sandbar fight but they’re still an important piece of American history. Just some of the elaborate handles on these weapons make the collector’s items. Some of these knives are actually a part of a limited collection.

If you truly fancy history and you want to show your affection, a Bowie knife with a beautiful handle and conspicuous display are a good way to go. The story makes for good conversation as your guests marvel at the unique design of the knife.

Though James Bowie didn’t actually invent the large bowie knife, his valiant use of one has forever associated his name with the weapon. You may have to spare some of the details surrounding the sandbar fight, but yon can still use the display as nice ice weaker when you entertain.


Cuisinart CEK 40 Electric Knife Review

In this high tech revolution age, every modern kitchen needs all the essential tools required to make meal preparation easier. Most top chefs would agree that one of the most under-rated kitchen tool is an electric carving knife.

One of the best electric knife you can buy today is made by Cuisinart. The Cuisinart cek 40 electric knife comes with durable very high quality stainless steel blades, plus a well designed handy wood block storage tray.

Cuisinart CEK 40 Electric Knife Review

This all purpose electric knife from Cuisinart has convenient blades that’s made specifically for cutting bread, meat, carving, and much more.

Not only is this best electric kitchen knife built to surpass all the required North American Electrical Standards, it also has true ergonomic handle that’ll fit both small and large hands. Regardless if you’re right or left handed, this best electric carving knife will suit you just fine.

Cuisinart’s electric knife utilizes very little electric power, but can be counted upon to deliver instant awesome cutting power any chef would want. It matters not what you’re carving or cutting, the incredible powerful motor in this product will not disappoint.

You can watch in amazement as the Cuisinart electric knife makes short work of any slicing task, regardless if its a roast, vegetables or French bread.

Cuisinart CEK 40 Electric Knife Best Features

On/Off Control. This essential kitchen tool comes with an on/off trigger that can be activated with just one touch pressure. Regardless of what your dominant hand is, you can easily turn the electric knife on or off.

Comfort Handle. Nothing is more annoying than having a kitchen tool with badly designed handle. You do not have to worry about such issues when using the Cuisinart CEK 40 Electric Knife. It comes with a superb ergonomic handle, that reflects the feel and look of fine cutlery.

Electrical cord. This product comes with an extended electrical cord that’s at least 4 feet. The cord has maximum flexibility and complies with all the required safety standards.

Safety Button. As an added safety measure, the on/off control comes with one touch control that can lock and unlock that feature. The safety button allows you to keep the electric knife locked when not in use.

Blade Release Buttons. Changing the blades couldn’t be any easier with the easy release buttons. If you want to insert, remove or change blades, just push the blade release button and you’re done.

Cuisinart cek 40 electric knife

Blades. You’ll love the fact that this best electric kitchen knife comes with 2 full size blades; one bread blade and one carving blade.

Solid Wood Butcher Block. The attractive storage is truly crafted from premium hardwood. You can easily leave the product on your countertop or put it away in a drawer.

If you have kids in the house, I would advise you unplug the electric kitchen knife and put it away in a safe place despite all the safety measures.

Blade Lock. It has a measure that safely locks the blades to the wood block.

Cord Storage. Even when left on your countertop, the cord storage area helps to prevent the appearance of clutter.

Other notable features includes, a powerful motor and true Stainless steel blades. The blades are dishwasher safe, or you can wash them using hot soapy water.

Make sure you rinse thoroughly for easy storage. The Cuisinart cek 40 electric knife comes with a three-year limited warranty against any factory defects.

Cuisinart knife warranty

Just so you have peace of mind with your purchase, the Cuisinart cek 40 electric knife has a limited 3-year warranty

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Your kitchen knives will soon have performance issues due to dull blades. If you find electric knife sharpener too expensive, we found two hand held knife sharpeners with good track record of delivering sharp knife blades.

2 of the best handheld knife sharpener

1- Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

The Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic is not your average blade sharpener. It has a very small form factor and packs a whole load of functionality. I have used it outside while camping or doing other activities.

This product is great because it simply fits into your backpack and you may take it wherever you go. At the same time, this isn’t just a regular sharpening utility – it’s a manually-powered sharpening machine of sorts which is a very intriguing idea.

Once I purchased mine, I really found the utility it provides. Not only can it replace your manual knife sharpener, but it will serve you just as well as your electric sharpener does, especially when you’re outside.

The build quality is something I would really like to emphasize, as it is spectacular. Many products in this price range are made of some kind of cheap plastic which breaks in a few months tops.

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

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This sharpener on the other hand is built to be rugged and tough. The entire body is constructed out of metal. This makes it quite heavy, but almost indestructible at the same time.

All of the moving parts operate very smoothly and I can’t imagine running into problems with those for a while either.

If you’re using one of those rod sharpeners in your house, then this product will not disappoint. It comes equipped with a diamond rod for quick sharpening of your knives.

The rod is very convenient and easy to use as it simply hinges out at a 180 degree angle. Because of this, you can simply hold the Lansky PS-MED01 Blade Medic Knife Sharpener base metal build and have the diamond rod sticking straight up.

Sharpening has never been easier, especially when you’re just doing some quick refining and maintenance which is what this rod is for. One thing I’m very pleased to mention is that this product can easily sharpen your serrated blades.

This is something you don’t see on many electric sharpeners let alone ones you can carry with you wherever. The size of this device allowed the manufacturers to place a little bar on one of the edges through which you slide your serrated blade.

It has been developed to get deep inside the finest serrations and sharpen the whole surface area. I have used this functionality to both maintain and re-sharpen my serrated blades with excellent results.

The tungsten carbide slot in this device will take your extremely dull straight-edged blades and reinvigorate them with brilliant sharpness. This has always served me well when I find that I haven’t sharpened my blade in months or perhaps years.

I quickly take out this Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic and restore my blade to a really great condition every time. After you have restored the blade, all that needs to be done it to polish and finalize it. For that reason, the manufacturer included a ceramic grinding wheel sharpening slot.

This will make your newly refreshed knives simply spectacular. The edge you receive at the end of this process will be akin to what you bought straight out of the factory. This device is highly recommended for both at home and away from home use.

2 – Messermeister 12-Inch Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener

The Messermeister 12-Inch Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener is a combination of two materials, industrial strength ceramic which holds up very well over time in the kitchen as long as it is treated properly.

In addition to a type of steel that is used for honing and alignment. These two ingredients work together as a great way to maintain knife sharpness, and to prevent issues with the blades.

The ergonomic grip handle allows the user to get a firm grasp on the Messermeister 12- Inch Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener, which is very important in the kitchen setting.

When handling knives chef’s, sous chefs, and wait staff need to have complete control over their tools and this soft-grip helps the user to prevent any slippage or dropping of the sharp blade.

The Messermeister 12-Inch Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener is comprised partly of ceramic, which is very hard and has abrasive characteristics which are critical to not only sharpening but aligning the edge as well.

This is a great sharpener for beginner chefs or knife enthusiasts as it is very easy to get a blade nice and sharp.

The round barrel allows for one small point of contact at a time making it much more difficult to damage the blade. Having the 12 length of the rod allows the user to have a longer span to sharpen, and ultimately a safer experience with longer blade knives.

It is to be noted of the importance of safe keeping, and storing of the Messermeister 12-Inch Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener as it is made of ceramic and if it is dropped on a hard kitchen floor the chances of it breaking are high.

The grit rating is at 1200, and the rod itself is 12 inches long not including the handle. The Messermeister Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener also sharpens serrated blades so users can get their bread knives nice and sharp.

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

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It has also been reported that the sharpener has been used on steak knives, fillet knives, and even pocket knives. The round shape of the sharpener allows the blades to be sharpened easier than with some versions that are flat.

This tool is used to hone your knife with as it does the job of restoring the fine details of the edge after use. To safely store the Messermeister 12-Inch Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener simply put it in your knife block with your knives.

This sharpener would work great in both a residential, or restaurant setting as it can work to sharpen regular day to day knives in addition to more professional German and Japanese blades. This rod is able to sharpen old, dull, and beat-up knives and bring them back to great condition.

To get the best results it is important to follow these couple of steps, first make sure to hold the blade at an angle that matches the original bevel. Next it is necessary to stroke along the rod edge first, and do not use it too aggressively as only about 7 strokes are needed to sharpen your knife.

If the rod is collecting metal from the shavings the user can use a Scotch Brite scouring pad to scrub it off. The steel and ceramic rod is thick, and sturdy to last many sharpening’s.


Best Sharpening Stones With Durability

Regardless if you like to prepare your meal or not, you need a set of kitchen knives and a good knife sharpening system if the blades get dull. You can get an expensive electric knife sharpener or you can use on of the best sharpening stones reviewed below.

2 of the Best Sharpening Stones are:

1 – Smith’s 3 In 1 Field Sharpening System

When preparing to go out fishing or hunting many people want to bring a few things with them that they are sure to need. One of these items that they bring along with them is a knife. However many individuals that bring a knife do not bring along a way to sharpen their knife.

Smith's 3 In 1 Field Sharpening System

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Having a sharp knife is more than just convenient it is also much safer than a dull knife. Since a sharp knife will cut easier than a dull one the operator will not have to apply as much force toward what they are cutting, this means that there will be less chance of slipping while using the knife.

There have been more reports of people causing a self-injury with a dull knife as opposed to a sharp knife. One way to ensure that the knife is always sharp is to bring a knife shaping system along. One of the knife sharpening systems that are easily packed and taken along is smith 3 in 1 sharpening system.

The smith knife sharpening system has a specially made ceramic V rod setup that will let the user sharpen knives of all different sizes. These V rods can also be used to sharpen scissors, which is also a common take along item when going out hunting or fishing. In addition the Smith’s 3 in 1 Field Sharpening System has preset carbides that can sharpen even the dullest edges.

The Smith’s 3 in 1 Field Sharpening System also has sharpening grooves that will allow the user to sharpen smaller items like hooks. This system also has nonslip rubber feet so that while it is being used it is not sliding around. This rubber base makes it easier and safer to use than the sharpening methods that don’t have this type of base.

The smiths knife sharpener is light weight and compact. It is easily stored in a tackle box, back pack, or other places that gear would be normally stored. This sharpening system doesn’t have a huge price tag hanging off of it so if the user would like to have more than one on hand it will not break the fishing or hunting budget.

There are several advantages to having a sharp knife and when there is a sharpening system that is reasonably priced, easy to use, light weight, and versatile there is no reason not to own that system and take it along on all fishing and hunting trips.

There are many individuals who own smith sharpening System and have good things to say about it. This sharpening system has received complements about being light weight, built well, and being an overall handy sharpening tool to have around.

2 – Norton IM313: Best Sharpening Stone With Durability

The Nortons best sharpening stone is a fantastic and durable product. The sharpener has very impressive manufacturing features with high production quality and value. There are three stones provided with the sharpening unit, it can easily be set on several countertop services for use, and provides professional results with every use.

There are several great design and safety features that promote proper placement of the blade while sharpening and rubber pegs to prevent the equipment from sliding on most services while in use.

An attached reservoir is also great to prevent time consuming clean up, danger from any small metal particulates, and protection of unused stones. Also very nice that a decent sized bottle of sharpening stone oil is provided for lubrication and proper use of the equipment.

Nortons best sharpening stone is a multi-use product that can easily be used several precision blade products. Great to keep blades sharp and maintained or to remove pitting or nicks in older tools.

The medium stone is extremely easy to use to save a damaged blade and the fine stone can create a nice finished edge. Saves lots of money by not having to replace seemingly useless blades or products that are around the home and kitchen.

Norton IM313

amazon 6

The Nortons Best Knife Sharpening Stone System is also much more effective than many electric sharpeners. Easier to control and optimize sharpening for different types of blades, composite metals, or tools. With electric sharpeners, it is very difficult to change the amount of steel that is removed with each pass.

Using the Nortons Best Knife Sharpening Stone System, several different finishing stones can make it much easier to change how much steel is taken off each time, saving your investments and delaying the time until a new blade needs to be purchased.

Also, the lubrication oil provided with the Norton’s Best Knife Sharpening Stone System is safe for food preparation. Where there product meets FDA requirements, this is reassuring so there is not harmful carry over from a sharpening directly into food preparation.

Makes the Norton’s Best Knife Sharpening Stone System great for any residential or commercial kitchen. Also great for avid knife collectors and for individuals interested in hunting.

Wonderful to sharpen arrows for bow hunting. The Nortons Best Knife Sharpening Stone System can also be used to create a nice beveled, finished edge on several tools as well.

Overall, the Nortons best sharpening stone this in an excellent product that can save lots of money and prevent the need to replace specialty or average knives and blades. Would definitely recommend the Norton’s Best Knife Sharpening Stone System for any personal or commercial kitchen or business.

Quick and stress-free assembly and very detailed instructions are provided to instruct on how to properly and most effectively sharpen any blade. The Norton’s Best Knife Sharpening Stone System is a great investment that will last a lifetime.

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Chefs Choice Manual Knife Sharpener Review

The Chefs Choice Knife Sharpener offers a 3-step sharpening system which features two stages of sharpening via diamond coated disks and a final stage that offers a revolutionary stropping disk technology that gets knives sharper than was ever possible with a home sharpening appliance.

Another popular Chefs Choice Knife Sharpener is the Diamond Hone Hybrid sharpener. This sharpener is unique in that it combines two electric sharpening stages with a third manual sharpening stage. The first two electric stages help to properly shape and refine either straight or serrated cutting blades.

The third stage hones and polishes the knife with an ultra fine diamond edge that creates an extremely durable, extremely precise cutting edge. Plus, the third stage can be used anytime as it does not require electricity.

2 of the Best Chefs Choice Manual Knife Sharpener

1 – Chef’s Choice M4623 Diamond Hone 3 Stage Manual Sharpener

Chef's Choice M4623 Diamond Hone 3 Stage Manual Sharpener


While professional chefs may find it quick and easy to sharpen their knives with professional tools and free-form sharpening boards, it may not be the best idea for the average home chef (someone like me). I’ve let many a knife go completely dull because I wasn’t skilled enough to properly sharpen it, and that has resulted in a few cuts and dings.

So finally I decided to invest in the Chef’s Choice M4623 Diamond Hone 3 Stage Manual Sharpener. Honestly, before I purchased this product, I really wasn’t convinced I needed it. But seriously! I had no idea that a sharp blade made such a difference and now I’m hooked!

The Chef’s Choice M4623 Diamond Hone 3 Stage Manual Sharpener is very convenient to use. It has an ergonomically designed handle that can be used by either lefties or righties, and it provides a really excellent grip that doesn’t slip when you use the sharpener.

It’s also very lightweight and convenient. I keep mine in a utility drawer for easy access, and it’s perfectly designed for this type of usage.

This sharpener really works well because it has a 3-stage system that allows you to really get an amazingly sharp edge on all of your knives. Each stage uses a 100% diamond abrasion system, and each stage works in a different way to cut, bevel, or polish the knife.

The Chef’s Choice also works the blade into a double beveled edge configuration that is supposed to be much more durable than other sharpening shapes. I’m not a knife expert, and I don’t know why this edge is more effective, but I do know that the sharpness of the knives is superior. I didn’t know you could slice veggies so easily until after I used this product.

The other really cool thing about the Chef’s Choice M4623 Diamond Hone 3 Stage Manual Sharpener is that it adjusts to either work with 15 degree Asian-style knives or 20 degree American/European knives. That means you can sharpen straight, serrated, Santoku, sports, and pretty much any other type of standard knife you can think of.

I read a few recommendations stating not to use certain name-brand knives that I own, but I did anyways because mine were so dull that honestly it didn’t matter. But to my surprise, it worked amazingly well, and those knives are now sharper than when I got them from the infomercial.

If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use knife sharpener, the Chef’s Choice M4623 Diamond Hone 3 Stage Manual Sharpener is a great choice, even for the most casual chef. I would definitely recommend this kitchen gadget.

It can really make your dull knives sharp, and honestly it makes a huge difference. You don’t even realize how dull your knives are now. Sharper knives will help you improve your results in the kitchen, and you’ll never go back to dull knives again.

2 – Chefs Choice 220 Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

Chefs Choice 220 Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

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Making sure that your kitchen knives are sharp is of utmost importance. Dull, dead knives can’t make precision cuts and they can be quite dangerous, slipping and sliding from food edges onto kitchen surfaces.

Many people don’t bother sharpening their knives because they are afraid that it is a hard process, and before convenient kitchen sharpening devices, it was a difficult task. But even the least experienced home chef can now sharpen their knives with extreme precision using the Chefs Choice 220 Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener.

The Chefs Choice Hybrid Diamond Hone sharpener is an innovative jump in knife sharpening technology, and it combines both the power of electric knife sharpening with the precision and control of manual sharpening. There are two stages to the sharpening process, one electric and one manual.

Both employ diamond abrasive wheels that give the most powerful, most precise edges that are guaranteed burr-free.

The first stage carves the knives into the most effective shape possible, a shape that is sharp, clean, and extremely durable, while the second stages hones the cut and gives the knife that polished finish.

The Chef’s Choice can be used on either straight or serrated knives, and it is extremely easy and efficient to use.

The compact design of the Chefs Choice 220 Hybrid is designed to fit easily into your kitchen without taking up too much space. It can be easily hidden under a cabinet or placed in a small corner on the counter-tops, and it won’t be in the way.

The white housing is also highly durable and easy to clean, and can be quickly wiped down should a spill occur in the kitchen, and the chrome accents make it an attractive kitchen gadget that matches many of the popular stainless appliances.

When using the Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener, be sure to give yourself enough room to work without interference. The first stage requires electricity, although the gadget does easily plug in to a standard wall outlet.

The second stage is manual and can even be used when the device is not plugged in. Many people use the second stage often for quick knife touch-ups, and even if you’re going camping off the grid, the second stage can be used for a quick sharpening on your knives.

The best part about the Chefs Choice Hybrid is the ease of use. There are no special skills or knowledge required, simply follow the directions. You’ll be able to quickly and easily sharpen all of your quality kitchen knives, allowing you better control, precision, and power when cooking.

This sharpener is not only easy to use, it is affordable, and well-designed. Why bother with dull knives that can be dangerous and don’t produce the results you want? Check out the Chefs Choice Hybrid 220 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener today.



Chefs Choice Knife Sharpener Review

If you like to cook and prepare your own gourmet meals from home, then it’s absolutely imperative that you have a set of high quality, well-sharpened knives. Sharp kitchen knives allow you to make precision cuts and control the exact size and thickness of your ingredients, allowing you to control cook times better.

But even good knives get dull and require maintenance to stay sharp and precise. There are many options out there for knife sharpening, from electric to manual. One of the top brands, Chefs Choice, offers a wide array of knife sharpeners for all your kitchen needs.

The Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone knife sharpener, a popular choice among home chefs, allows you to sharpen both straight edge and serrated edge knives with ease. It offers a simple design that is intuitive and easy to use. Simply plug the appliance into a standard outlet, then pull knives through the sharpening area.

2 of the Best automatic knife sharpener from Chefs Choice

1 – Chefs Choice Model 1520 Angle Select Sharpener

Chefs Choice Model 1520 Angle Select Sharpener

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People who can’t stand the heat should immediately get out of the kitchen. This is especially true when the Chefs Choice Model 1520 Angle Select Sharpener comes through to keep your knives sharp and your work efficient.

This knife sharpener is not exactly built to be used by regular people who just cook up a few things every now and then. Although, this electric sharpener is sure to keep everybody’s blades in tip-top shape no matter who is using it.

This sharpener has a pretty high price tag but it certainly is justified. You will find that out yourself after trying this machine out for yourself, but I’m going to share the things I personally liked most about this sharpener.

The three-step system which this device operates on is perfect for getting you the best cut every time. I found myself using the third stage the most for minor maintenance and touch ups although the second stage is great for the more dull knives I had laying around.

The first stage on this chef’s choice model 1520 knife sharpener was less useful to me because I don’t generally let my knives degrade to that level. I’m sure if somebody has 20 year old knives laying around which haven’t been sharpened, the first level will do extremely well for them.

Another feature which left me pretty impressed was that this machine works on both 15 and 20 degree blades. Each stage has two slots for either pre-set degree configuration.

This is great because you get to choose what kind of result you want out of the sharpening process without having to tinker around with manual settings or anything. With the Chef’s Choice 1520 Electric Knife Sharpener, there is actually plenty room for experimentation.

One of the things I found pretty useful is to run 20 degree knives through a 15 degree grinder to make a shallower cutting edge, and then return to 20 degrees to create a really nice tip.

The amazing result I get out of this Chefs Choice Model 1520 Angle Select Sharpener every time is due to the stropping and polishing action on the third stage. This keeps my blades microscopically pristine and delivers a fantastic cutting experience every single time.

After you have sharpened on the second step, the third one will really finish up the work and make your knives look and feel spectacular.

This product features grinding wheels incorporated with diamond. This choice of grinding materials will keep your grinding wheels ready for action for many years to come.

The diamond does such a good job at sharpening the blades – it is immensely better than ceramic to the point where you can feel the difference. This machine allows you to utilize the diamond grinding stones to their maximum potential by incorporating knife guides.

With a three year limited warranty and all of the high-end features this sharpener comes packed with, it’s hard to deny that this is a solid product. I have sharpened my knives countless times on it to almost factory condition. This electric sharpener comes highly recommended.

2 – Chefs Choice 130: One of the Best Electric Knife Sharpener

Chefs Choice 130: One of the Best Electric Knife Sharpener

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If you’re looking for a quality, professional-grade knife sharpening station for your home, the Chefs Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpening Station is a great product. This gadget can sharpen, steel, and strop almost all brands and styles of knives (straight and serrated) quickly and easily, and while it is designed for kitchen knives, it can also tackle pocket knives, sporting knives, and fishing knives.

And while there are many knife sharpening appliances on the market, this particular sharpening station is a standout for its superior finishing quality and ability to provide professional grade sharpness without professional chef expertise.

This product is easy to use as well and is designed specifically to be user-friendly for even the most casual home chef. Each sharpening stage has an elastomeric angle-guide that allows you to properly sharpen most blades. It chooses the right angle for you and gets you the proper angle for optimal cutting effortlessly.

The device also has a safe and highly visible on/off switch as well as stabilizing feet that keep the device safely aligned during use. These special features take all the guesswork out of sharpening your knives and make it an easy and safe process.

But what really sets the Chefs Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpening Station apart from all the other competitors is the three stage blade sharpening process. This specialized, technologically advanced system can produce better-than-factory results for your knives, giving you the sharpest, most accurate blades possible.

The first stage begins the process by sharpening the edges of the knife with a diamond-coated abrasive surface. The second stage utilizes a super-hardened, miniature steel system that consists of microscopic teeth. These microscopic teeth produce a shaving-sharp edge that is unparalleled in other home knife sharpening systems.

Your knife will really bite into foods of any texture once it gets contoured with the second stage of the Chef’s Choice. Finally, the third stage’s flexible stropping disc polishes the edge of the knife. This last step gets your knives to the point where they can literally split hairs.

To create custom sharpening edges and knife blade textures, each of the three stages of the Chefs Choice Professional Knife Sharpening Station can be used in any combination.

This allows you to truly customize your sharpening experience, but in a way that is still easy and user-friendly. The Chefs Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpening Station is truly in a class all its own.

The quality and precision of this product, as well as the unique sharpening customization, makes this device the must-have kitchen device. You will never have to worry about dull knives ever again, and you will be cutting and sharpening with precision and ease.


2 of the Best Knives for Chefs

No modern kitchen is complete without a good set of kitchen cutting knives. It makes no difference if you like to cook or not, you need kitchen knives brands that will last. While the kitchen knife set we reviewed are good for chef, most kitchens will find them desirable for cutting many ingredients.

Best chef knife you can buy for less online

Tojiro Knives Review

Tojiro Knives And Cutlery: Japanese knives are known to cut with quality. When searching for the best culinary and kitchen knives there are many different brands that one is sure to come across. One of the most popular and most famous of these are the legendary Japanese Tojiro knives.

Japanese Tojiro knifes are gyuto knifes which means they are much lighter than western knifes of the same size and build. With superb smooth and completely even grid lines, a silky and very high quality satin finish that is incredible well done.

Tojiro Knives Review

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The bolster of Tojiro knife are fitted incredibly to their well-designed and weighted handles, meaning there are absolutely no gaps. With a suburb finish the bolsters has no sharp and annoying edges the Tojiro knifes are very nice in that regard.

Overall these are very nice knifes that are expertly crafted and reasonably priced. The quality is very high and especially for their low price Tojiro offer the highest possible quality in for budget knifes.

It’s has a length of 240mm so it’s by no means a petite knife. Because of it being a gyuto, however, it is very light for its size especially when looked at alongside comparable western knifes.

At its base or heel the Tojiro knife’s blade as 1.88mm, this is certainly along the thing side even for a – and these tend to air on the thinner side – Japanese blade. Measuring 49mm at its heel a Tojiro knife represents the typical dimensions a of most gyutos that are this size.

This blade is very size is very effective and with its measurements perfectly aligned. The knife, fresh from the box, is more than sufficiently sharp. Any knife, even budget ones like the Tojiro knife, need to be sharp and cut incredibly well and this knife is no exception and fulfills this requirement fully.


As with any quality kitchen knife the blade needs to stay consistent and sharp. So while the out of the box sharpness of these knifes is incredible it’s totally necessary for regular sharpening.

There a variety of tools and devices offered that sharpen high quality cutlery. The most efficient and professional are diamond crusted whetstones which sharpen better than anything else on the market. There are a whole host of other stones that can sharpen and keep knifes of all kind of cutting like new.

There are also various sharpeners sold by companies that utilize steel and ceramic rods to help the knives stay cutting. Whatever option is most appealing there does need to be regular sharpening of Tojiro knives as with any other knives.

Overall performance:

This knife easily and effectively slices through a diversity of vegetables, meats and fruits. These knifes are top of the line budget cutlery and they are really well made and expertly crafted by professionals for professional quality cutting.

Henckels Knives Reviews

One of the most common things that we use today has a long history of being used by people throughout time. This item has been used as a tool for eating, cutting, protection and also for trading. This item that is being discussed is the knife, and it has come a long way from the days where it had been made from bones or stones.

Henckels Knives Reviews

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Knives have a special place with many people. For some giving a pocket knife as a present is like passing a torch to the next generation. Many times when a couple gets married at least one of the wedding gifts is a Henckels knives set.

There are also a lot of stores that offer knife sets for opening an account or as an introductory gift for signing up during a special promotion.

There are many name brand knives out on the market today and one of the names that are worth mentioning is Henckel knives. Henckels knives have been around for over two hundred years.

Henckel knives are made from high carbon, stainless steel. These knives have a blade that is tough and will keep is sharp edge much longer than many of the knives on the market today. These knives are dishwasher safe but many of the owners would prefer to hand wash them.

Henckel knives like many other knives can be bought in a complete kitchen set or individually. In addition to having kitchen knives there are also meat cleavers and cheese knife sets. However Henckel knives are not just for use in the home.

They also have knives that are made for taking along on camping trips, fishing, and they even have a line of Henckel pocket knives. Henckel knives also make one of the most popular types of knives for people who have a survival bag packed and ready just in case.

These knives are the ultimate survival utility tool. They have multiple uses from splinter removal to a mini saw. These are also popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

There are many knives and knife manufactures in the world today. The market is over flowing with many different brands and kinds.

When buying a knife or knife set it is important to know what brands are known for being a quality product. Quality is a major thing to consider. If a knife is made from a lesser quality material the person who is using it does have a chance of becoming injured.

Best Knives for Chefs

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Even though knives are a common item in many homes they are made to cut, and they will cut almost anything that they come in contact with if the proper force is being applied.

If the knife is made from a lesser quality material the handle could break while this pressure is being applied.

Also if the handle is made in a poor quality it can break and cause the user to lose control of the knife resulting in cutting themselves or someone who is close to them. When using a knife it is very important to use caution and be safe.

J.A. Henckels International Knives are not for everyone, but are widely used by the finest restaurants and most modern kitchens.

About from using the finest grade of steel, Henckels knives comes with heavy weight blades that are the choice of professionals. This cutting utility product comes with excellent cutting performance.

If you’re in the market for a durable kitchen knife set, one of the best choices you can select is the Henckels knives set because they have stamped blades with serrated edges that might never need sharpening if properly maintained.


Sabatier Knives Review

I recently purchased that Sabatier Knives, and they are absolutely amazing. I have never experienced a knife set that continued to do the job that the Sabatier Knives are able to do.

They cut with precision and they continue to be sharp year after year. You are able to go from cutting a delicate tomato to a piece of bread, and cutting steak with ease.

These knives are truly amazing and they are a great addition to anyone’s kitchen. They are also great gifts that your friends and family will enjoy.

Sabatier Knives Review

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These knives are durable, and are easy to clean and come with a beautiful block to hold and store your Sabatier knives.

Cutting and preparing food is a breeze with these knives at your fingertips. You will truly enjoy being able to cut and prepare your favorite foods in the kitchen if you have a nice set of knives to complete your work.

The Sabatier knives are strong and durable enough that you can depend of these knives being a part of your kitchen collection for years to come.

We have enjoyed using these knives to prepare our family meals and special treats for the holidays. The Sabatier knives are also amazing to use on bread.

They are not like other knives that squish your bread when you try to cut it. They are so sharp that it cuts through the bread with ease.

I have enjoyed these knives so much that I have purchased a set for my entire family to enjoy in their own kitchens.

The price for these knives are comparable to other knives on the market, yet provide you with the quality that you are looking for in a knife set for your family kitchen that will last year after year.

My entire family uses these knives on a daily basis and we have never had to replace them, or sharpen them due to them becoming dull over time.

The Sabatier knives are made to last and impress, while delivering exceptional quality work at an affordable price.

Anyone who considers purchasing these knives should be careful to keep them out of reach of children, because they are sharp and of great quality.

They could be dangerous if young children get their little hands on these knives. Please keep them out of the reach of children.

Otherwise everyone should purchase the Sabatier Knives for their kitchen and cooking experience.

Sabatier Knives


The Sabatier Knives come with a great quality warranty that has a money back guarantee.

Your family will enjoy the quality and the creativity that can be displayed by using these knives in your cooking experience.

Family members will ask you where to purchase these knives, they are easily purchased online at Amazon or any other retailer.

Feel free to check them out online if you are interested in adding these knives to your kitchen collection.